House Rules: Called Shots

A called shot is an attack to a specific part of the target's body in order to inflict a detrimental effect instead of damage. Making a called shot is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity from all who threaten the attacker, and imposes a -10 penalty to the attack roll. Damage caused by the called shot is equal to the base weapon damage, plus enhancement bonuses to damage and energy damage. Ability modifiers to damage, precision base damage such as sneak attack, and critical hit damage do not apply. Creatures with no discernible anatomy or immune to critical hits are immune to called shots. If the damage of the called shot is completely negated by damage reduction, then the called shot effect is negated as well. Called shot effects are removed with a DC 15 Heal check, or until the victim receives 1 point of magical healing.

Available called shot targets:

Foot: The target is reduced to half speed, and cannot charge. If all of the target's feet are under a called shot effect, then the target is reduced to a maximum of 5 feet movement speed.

Hand: The target must drop whatever that hand was holding, and cannot use that hand to hold objects or perform the somatic component of a spell. The hand also cannot hold the charge of a touch spell.

Head: The target is dazed for 1 round. If the target has more than 1 head, then only that head is dazed; the rest of the creature can act normally. If all of the target's heads are hit by called shots, only then is the target completely dazed.

Natural attack: The target receives a -2 penalty to attack when attacking with a natural attack that has been struck by a called shot.

Wing: The target's flying speed is reduced by half. If all of the target's wings are under a called shot effect, then the target is unable to fly, and plummets down to the ground.

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