House Rules: Armor As DR

Armor and natural armor bonuses no longer apply to AC. Instead, they increase a character's DR/armor. Adamantine weapons ignore up to DR 20/armor.

Both armor and natural armor bonuses stack when determining DR/armor. Magical enhancement bonuses to armor or natural armor bonuses increases DR/armor by an equal amount.

Unlike most forms of damage reduction, DR/armor stacks with other types of DR. For example: when fighting a skeleton with DR 5/bludgeoning and DR 4/armor (+2 for armor, +2 for natural armor), the skeleton’s DR/armor reduces 9 points of damage from non-bludgeoning attacks from non-adamantine weapons, 4 damage from bludgeoning weapon attacks from non-adamantine weapons, and 5 points of damage from a non-bludgeoning adamantine weapon.

Adamantine armor increases DR/epic instead of DR/armor, and improves the armor bonus by an amount according to the armor's type (+1 for light, +2 for medium, and +3 for heavy).

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