Armor and Shields

Alchemical Ballistic Padding

With the advancement in firearms technology, armorers have been hard at work at improving current sets of armor so that they can provide the needed protection against these new weapons. However, it were the alchemists who made the breakthrough needed to create anti-firearms armor. They developed a new alchemical substance that can be applied to ordinary fibers to form a layer of padding that can be incorporated in modern sets of armor. The alchemically treated fibers gained significant high-speed impact absorption and tearing resistance properties that allowed armor to be effective against firearms. On the downside, the extra padding made the armor heavier and less mobile.

Alchemical ballistic padding can be added to any type of armor or shield. This allows the the armor or shield to negate the firearm's ability to ignore DR/armor and shield bonus to AC. The padding increases the armor check penalty by 1 and the arcane spell failure chance by 5%, and reduces the maximum dexterity bonus by 1 (minimum +0).

Type of Mithral Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +250 gp
Medium armor +1,000 gp
Heavy armor +2,250 gp
Shield +250 gp
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