Dawn of Creation

Each culture of Celesia has their own creation myth. Each have different actors and different events. Yet scholars have found a thread of commonality between them all. A unified creation myth was established, though it was accepted only among scholar, and rejected by the true faithful.

According to the unified theory, existence started as the Void, an endless nothingness devoid of anything. Then, three gods stepped forth, bearing a Seed. The three gods channeled their power into the seed. The seed burst in an explosion of light and matter.

The Red God fueled the growth of creation, igniting the suns and creating the celestial bodies.

The Green God established the rules by which all of creation will be governed by.

The Blue God breathed life in the universe, giving birth to their children.

And among all of creation, the world that became known as Celesia was considered as their crowning jewel of all.

Myths disagree on how long all of this took. Some say seven days, while others say seven thousand years. Still others suggest that billions of years may have passed based on other evidence. Regardless, almost all agree that time meant little during this time

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