The Fourth Age: "Age of Kings"

Rise of Humanity

It was this age that humankind rose to power. Filling the void left by the collapse of the Starlight Empires, humans applied what they had learned in the previous age to build their own civilizations. Many of these civilizations had severe flaws in them that led to their downfall, but humanity strived on.

The age was marked with the rise and fall of many societies of all different types, but still humanity managed to spread themselves throughout the four corners of the world. It is also during this time that the different human cultures arose as distance and circumstances dictated how they lived.

The Undying War and the League of Stars

Ten thousand years passed by, marked with growth and change until the world resembled closely to as it is to this day. Nations rose and fell, borders shifted, but no single force dominated a major part of the world.

All this changed after the Undying War. A powerful necromancer by the name of Shaz'nagor, blessed by Targus, created a plague that wiped out lives in entire cities, only to have them rise back up as undead creatures loyal to him. With his Undying Legion, he sought to take over the known world, and transform it into his twisted vision of undeath beauty.

Many died from Shaz'nagor's plagues and curses, and they bolstered the necromancer-turned-lich's army. However, those who survived were those with the will and power to resist the evil. Banding together, the survivors fought fiercely and nobly against the undead, all the while protecting the innocent who remained.

Those who carried the light in those dark times became known as the Célestar, the Enlightened Ones. They represented the best and brightest of the Younger Races. They exemplified wisdom, compassion, and courage. Many among their number were powerful archmages, hallowed clerics, and mighty warriors. They were said to be blessed by the Servants of the Light, blessed with great wisdom, knowledge, inner strength, and long life. Most of the Célestar were human, although there were many from other races. However, the fact that humanity dominated the Célestar was the proof that humans have finally started to tap into their potential.

After a long and arduous war that laster over two hundred years, the Célestar finally defeated Shaz'nagor. They then set about rebuilding all that was destroyed, and in fact made things better than they were before. Lessons from the Undying War were learned, and the Célestar knew that cooperation was the key to prevent another disaster. The Célestar establised the League of Stars, a federation of nations and city-states under one government.

The League was open to all people, no matter the race or religion, so long as they valued the ideals of peace, freedom, and justice. Old hatreds were settled and buried. Members of the League openly shared knowledge, strengthened trade with each other, and united their military. It grew beyond the lands of Rhyn, and was known around the world. Under the wisdom and guidance of the Célestar, the knowledge of magic and science were furthered, works of art flourished, and peace and prosperity came to all.

The Fiend Soul War

The League continued to prosper for over a thousand years in peace. Unfortunately, that peace was only the calm before the storm. For many millenia, Zhao-Kahn, Lord of the Masters of the Dark, plotted his conquest over his fellow deities and become master of not only Celesia, but of the universe itself. He crafted an alliance of evil gods and powerful devils, and built a massive army of mortals in secret. He also crafted a powerful source of power that would be a key part to his plans: the Fiend Soul Well.

In this Well, he distilled the essences of many powerful demons and devils. With it, he could imbue a mortal with the Fiend Soul, transforming the recipient into a powerful being who was half mortal, half fiend. These cambions now had many powers beyond those they had as a mortal, and were completely loyal to Zhao-Kahn. The Lord Tyrant could imbue millions of his followers without exhausting the Well. Before the other gods or the Célestar could notice, Zhao-Kahn unleashed his armies around the world and beyond.

The initial attack was quick and brutal. While Zhao-Kahn and his alliance of gods and devils attacked the other gods in the Outer Planes, his armies attacked on the mortal plane. The League of Stars was hit hard, with many cities destroyed, and many others under siege. Millions died within a span of a week.

However, the Célestar and the League recovered their wits quickly, regrouped, and counter attacked. The entire world plunged into a massive and bloody war that lasted over five hundred years. In the end, during the most climactic battle not seen since the Second Age, Zhao-Kahn was defeated and destroyed. His alliance was broken, and the Fiend Soul Well was sealed and hidden away, for there was no way to destroy it. Good had vanquished over Evil. However, the victors were in no shape to celebrate.

Gods had died. The Célestar were all but extinct. The League of Stars was mostly destroyed, all its works destroyed or lost, and that which remained were fractured and leaderless.

Thus ended the Age of Kings.

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