Upright red sword on the back of a gauntlet fist.

Home Plane

Nine Hells


Lawful Evil


Hate, tyranny, fear, strife


Evil fighters, monks, blackguards, hobgoblins, gray dwarves, half-orcs

Cleric Alignment



Destruction, Evil (Devil, Fear), Fire, Law (Inevitable, Tyranny), Nobility (Leadership), Strength (Resolve), War (Tactics)

Favored Weapon

Tyrant's Edge (bastard sword)

Lord Tyrant, The Hatemonger, Master of Power
Greater Deity

Perhaps the most feared god of Celesia, Zhao-Khan seeks to rule all of creation. He feels that this is his right, as one of the Creator Gods, and believes himself to be the most powerful of all gods. And in terms of raw power, it may well be fact instead of simple boasting. His attempts have been many, ending in more defeats than victories, but Zhao-Khan has never been completely defeated. His will and cunning have allowed him to survive and rebuild where all others would simply wither and die.

Zhao-Khan despises the weak, and he feeds off the fear of others. He is all about power, always seeking to gain more, but also willing to impart it to those who serve him well. After all, a ruler with no subjects is meaningless. All must serve Zhao-Khan or be destroyed. Despite this, many have chosen to submit themselves to him, for while they will never be masters of their own destinies, they may gain some power for themselves. Zhao-Khan teaches them to use their hate to fuel their dreams, and to use the fears of others to control them. He is not merciless; those that overcome their weaknesses and become more powerful earn his respect. Those that use their power to crush their enemies and rule over them with an iron fist receive his blessing.

Zhao-Khan's dominion once spread to the four corners of the world. His influence was reduced sharply after he was destroyed at the end of the Age of Kings and throughout the following five millenia of the Age of Strife. But now his faith is on the rise against after he devastated the entire world in his Tyrant's Conquest and returned to his rightful place in the pantheon. Over the past century since the beginning of the New Age, his church has grown through conquest and conversion, showing the world just who is the true God of Power.

Dictators and conquerors once more pray to the Tyrant Lord, beseeching his blessing so that they may retain their power, or crush their enemies. Those that give into their hate and fear find themselves aided by agents of Zhao-Khan's faith, who urge them into taking action and spread more hate and fear to others. Ironically, victims of oppressions or abuse also turn to the God of Power with the sweet promise of gaining strength to take revenge on their oppressors. As long as there is strife in the world, there will be no shortage of people turning to Zhao-Khan in return for power.

The Basics

Relations with Other Religions

Roles Within the Faith

A Cleric's Role

Clerics of Zhao-Khan seek out people who are in vulnerable situations or can be tempted. They approach these people with offers of power, typically preying on their fear or hatred. Zhao-Khanite clerics honour their promises of power, and try to insinuate themselves in their target's close circle of companions as their primary advisor so that they can continue to spread Zhao-Khan's teachings.

Zhao-Khanite clerics lead their parishes through their own overwhelming power, or preying on their parishioners' fear or hatred of other groups.


Holy Texts

Relics of the Faith


Three Myths

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