An open mouth human skull with red starts in the eye sockets, surrounded by black fire with a purple outline.

Home Plane



Neutral Evil


Immortality, necromancy, undeath


undead, necromancers

Cleric Alignment



Evil; Death, Deathbound, Knowledge, Necromancer, Undeath

Favored Weapon


Master of Unlife
Lesser Deity

The first to discover the process of becoming a lich was a necromancer by the name of Xarios. Having done so, the undead wizard spent the following millenia pushing the boundaries of necromatic magic, creating new breeds of undead, and unleashing these horrors into the living world out of pure curiosity of what might happened. Despite the efforts of champions of the light, Xarios grew powerful enough to achieve godhood, becoming the prime deity of the undead.

Xarios is a cold, ambitious god, concerned only with mastering death and becoming truly immortal and invincible. She has no concern for living creatures, for their feelings or their morals. Although she does not indulge in excessive cruelty, any means necessary to accomplish her goals are acceptable to her. She is obsessed with perfection, and everything she does must be meticulous. She is known to go into quick, but intense rages at the smallest blemish in her work or plans. Although she is the god of the undead, Xarios does not care for the worship of her followers. She only cares about their actual state of undeath if it brings any new insights into her research. Nonetheless, she acts appropriately to her worshipers so long as they can provide new data for her experiments.

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