The side profile of a closed helm

Home Plane

Seven Heavens


Lawful Good


Protection, duty, vigilance, honor


Guards, watch officers, paladins

Cleric Alignment



Law, Good; Inquisition, Portal, Planning, Protection, Retribution, Strength, War

Favored Weapon

(dwarven waraxe)

General of Light, The Ever Vigilant
Intermediate Deity

Vandarion was one of the first dwarves created. Throughout his mortal life, he was a devout follower of Kaï-den and leader among his people. It was he who instilled the strong sense of duty and obligation into the dwarven people. During the Great Rebellion, Vandarion displayed such great leadership and skill against the the rebelling forces that he became the general of Kaï-den's armies on the mortal plane. After the Rebellion was put down, Vandar was rewarded for his service by being elevated to godhood. Since taking that position, Vandarion has never faltered in his duty to Kaï-den and steadily rose in power. Whenever Kaï-den is needed to go to war, Vandarion is there leading the forces of the Light to victory. He is known as the General of the Light.

Vandarion is a stern god who takes his duties very seriously and displays very little humour. He remains ever-vigilant for evil and corruption, for he knows that if he falters, the hordes of darkness will not hesitate to rampage forth and destroy what he has sworn to protect. He is the first line of defense, the watcher on the wall. Vandarion is a grim deity, and adheres to his duties no matter the cost to himself.

Temples and Shrines

Vandarion's temples are often found in most cities. They are typically built in a practical fashion to be easily defensible and fortified. The distinguishing features of the temples are its high walls and tall towers, allowing the faithful to have a large view of the surrounding area.

Shrines are often composed of a closed faced helm resting on a shield. They are typically found in soldier barracks, town watch bases, or at village or town entrances.

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Three Myths

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