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Chaotic Evil


Chaos, destruction, evil reptiles, seas


Evil dragons, lizardmen, nagas, evil sea creatures, sailors, fishers

Cleric Alignment



Chaos (Demon), Evil (Demon), Scalykind (Dragon, Saurian), Strength (Ferocity), Water (Oceans)

Favored Weapon


Lady of Storms, Dark Dragon Queen, Five Storms of Chaos
Lesser Deity

Tiamat was one of the primordial dragons, created during the Age of Titans. Throughout her existence, she gorged herself on the pools of mana, which empowered her and mutated her. She abandoned all inhibitions, caring only for her own desire, one of which was to give birth to the most powerful brood of beings the universe has ever seen. She violently severed her relationship with Shenlong after giving birth to the dragon race, and went on to seek powerful beings and mate with them.

The Queen of Storms lives up to her title in both ability and personality. Tiamat is ultimately selfish, and is prone to extreme moodswings. The slightest trigger can shift her attitude from pleasant to murderous, from anger to calmness. She is unpredictable, yet always ferocious. Tiamat cares little for her many children, but she will express pride in them if they manage to impress her with their strengths and abilities, yet she will devour them without hesitation should they disappoint her in any way.

Since making her home in one of the Infinite Seas of the Abyss, Tiamat has gain dominion over the seas and the beasts within. In the vicious depths of the dark oceans, her children are tested against each other, and prey on those weaker than them. Combined that with her unhinged temper, Timat has also become the mistress of storms, and those who ply her dominion must pay her tribute to appease her for calm weather. The very concept of destruction itself falls under her purview, to which her children excel at, notably those colossal beasts that rise from the sea to wreck havok on land.

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