A rotten egg held by a rat's claw.

Home Plane



Neutral Evil


Disease, plague, vermin


Necromancers, evil medicine men, wererats, sentient vermin

Cleric Alignment



Death, Earth (Radiation), Evil (Ahriman, Demon), Plant (Decay), Trickery (Deception)

Favored Weapon

Rat King (heavy flail)

The Plague King, Lord Pestilence
Lesser Deity

Millenia ago, Thraxis was an ahriman. By slaying and devouring a beaten and weakened Horrorling at the end of the Age of Horrors, he amassed enough power to achieve godhood. As a fiend, he was associated with vermin creatures, and the Horrorling he consumed held the portfolio of disease. By combining the two elements, Thraxis became a god feared by all creatures, and he has truly embraced his divine mandate.

Thraxis is a sadistic creature, taking immense pleasure in seeing his plagues spread through populations, and enjoys watching people slowly suffer and die from his diseases. Worse, Thraxis is very intelligent, always experimenting and developing new diseases and new methods of delivering them unto unsuspecting populace. Whenever new cures are created, he immediately starts developing a new strain of virus. Thraxis finds much joy in creating new means of delivery death. He also has an unhealthy love for all critters that mass in swarms and can creep into unsuspecting places.

Temples and Shrines

It is rare to find a temple or shrine to Thraxis out in the open. Because of the vile associations and traditions of the faith, places of worship are hidden usually underground in centers of civilization, but this actually fits Thraxis' needs. Hidden beneath the unsuspecting population, agents of the Plague Lord can work unfettered and can use the vermin that naturally make such areas their home to assist them.

Relations with Other Religions

The Faithful

Thraxis is a popular alternate patron deity of the drow, especially the disenfranchised males.

Selfish and cruel skriven often worship Thtaxis as their patron deity.

A Cleric's Role


Holy Texts

Relics of the Faith


Three Myths

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