St. Argath
St. Argath


A pair of hands in shackles

Home Plane



Lawful Good


Suffering, endurance, perseverance, hard work


Laborers, healers, philanthropists, slaves, martyrs

Cleric Alignment



Law, Good; Healing, Protection, Purification, Strength, Suffering

Favored Weapon


The Great Martyr
Lesser Deity

St. Argath was once a human mortal worshipper of Kaï-den during the Age of Starlight. Like many humans, he was oppressed by the Starlight Empires, and he turned to his faith to give himself hope. He suffered through harsh trials, many that would have broken the faith of other men, but he retained his belief in courage and justice. He inspired his fellow slaves to bear through the hardships, and went above and beyond to ease their suffering. Many times he intervened and took beating meant for another slave. When he reached a ripe old age, he saved the life of one more slave during an escape attempts. Moments before he died, he prayed for forgiveness for his persecutor. When he last breathed his last, it is said that a blinding beam of sunlight descended upon him, causing both slaves and oppressor paused. Argath's body was lifted up, then burned, whereupon his soul ascended into the Heavens. The scene was so beautiful, that the slavers allowed all the slaves that day to go free, and the worship of St. Argath began.

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