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Chaotic Neutral


Thievery, intrigue


Rogues, halflings

Cleric Alignment



Chaos; Celerity, Greed, Luck, Trickery, Wealth

Favored Weapon

Golden Lockpick (rapier)

Sindall was once a mortal thief whose daring and successful acts of trickery and thefts impressed Galathrone, then god of thievery, culminating to one of her greatest feats: stealing Galathrone's heart. When Galathrone was killed in the Fiend Soul War by sacrificing himself in the daring theft of Zhao-Kahn's Crucible of Souls, it was there that Sindall, after living far longer than a normal mortal and feeling her years, committed her greatest accomplishment: the retrieval her beloved's divine spark from the grips of the Tyrant Lord. When the Fiend Soul War ended with Zhao-Kahn's destruction, the remaining gods of the Celesian Pantheon elevated her to be the goddess of thievery and intrigue for the new age.

Sindall herself is a goddess with a wicked sense of humour. She loves using deception and stealth to play tricks on others, although never anything harmful or particularly malicious. She also loves getting involved in complicated intrigues, navigating between lies and truths, and profit out of that tangled mess of plots within plots. She has little concern regarding morals, but rather acts based on challenging herself and honing her skills, and perhaps win something interesting. At the very least, she despises tyrants, not just because the Zhao-Kahn killed her lover, but because she herself once suffered under the yoke of oppression in her mortal life. She takes great pleasure taking anything she can get from that sort of people. Her desire is to be free to and have fun in her own unique way.

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