The profile of a great aetherium dragon holding a sword

Home Plane

Seven Heavens


Lawful Good


Good dragons, honour, loyalty, knighthood, clouds, storm, rain


Good dragons, lizardmen, paladins, soldiers, sailors, farmers

Cleric Alignment



Air (Cloud), Glory (Honor), Good, Law (Loyalty), Scalykind (Dragon, Saurian)

Favored Weapon


The Dragon King, The Aetherium Knight, The Stormbringer
Lesser Deity

Shenlong was one of the first dragon to emerge from the primordial pools of mana at the Dawn of Creation. With his fellow Primordial Dragons, Shenlong fathered and taught many new generations of dragons. He admired Kaï-den at an early age, and became a devout follower of the Light. At the time, he fell in love with another Primordial Dragon: Tiamat. She was wild and exciting, and that drew Shenlong to her, and together they nearly spawn the entire dragon race. However, when the First Rebellion occutred, Shenlong remained Faithful unlike Tiamat, and sided with Kaï-den. He served as the All-Father's champion, even serving as his mount in the wars amongst the stars. After the Rebellion was over, Shenlong was rewarded by being elevated to godhood.

The Platinum Dragon exemplifies loyalty and honour. He is the patron of knights and the father of chivalry. He serves out of love and respect for his leader, and because their ideals are the same. Shenlong believes in keeping true to his word, as it is the one thing that any being can control in an ever-changing universe. Honesty and integrity are paramount in Shenlong 's belief. The King of Dragons realized long ago that he must not foolishly give away his two most previous ideals to just anyone. Although he always volunteers to be the first to face danger, this is only after he has carefully considered all the consequences of his actions and how they fit, or conflict, with his ideals.

Shenlong 's code of chivalry is straight forward, but can be hard to uphold constantly. Its precepts include: defend the weak, keep one's word, be honest and have integrity, only fight those who can fight back, never compromise one's ideals in the face of adversity, show bravery in the face of danger, and never be foolish in one's actions. That last one was a later addition, as Shenlong soon discovered that his knights were dying in droves when they would foolishly charge into certain death in the effort of zealously upholding the other precepts of chivalry. The last precept of the code allows for its followers to be practical and smart, so long as they do not compromise the rest of the code.

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Religious Orders

  • Order of the Ashen Scales: Although technically not a secret, the church of Shenlong tries not to bring attention to this order of knights. It is the smallest and least known knighthood of the faithful, just the way everyone including the knights themselves in the faith prefer it. These knights have chosen to follow a looser interpretation of Shenlong's code of chivalry, barely bordering on heresy. Their code allows for more drastic actions be taken to defend the innocent and battle evil. Potential candidates are often knights who are frustrated that their code sometimes prevents them from defeating evil. However, the Knights of the Ashen Scale recruit only the most loyal, and moral of knights into their order. They hold themselves to a higher standard, for they are well aware how close one of their own can cross the line. Any who do so are quickly dealt with, often with a quick trial followed by a swift execution. The Order had been destroyed several times in the past by the main church for going too far, but it was allowed to be rebuilt due to the need of having such knights to deal with dirty situations.

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