The Sage Supreme
The Sage Supreme


A silver staff laid vertically in front of a green and blue flame.

Home Plane





Magic, wisdom, knowledge


Wizards, sorcerers, elves, sages, bards

Cleric Alignment



Artifice (Construct), Charm, Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Luck (Curse, Fate), Magic (Arcane, Divine), Rune (Language, Wards), Trickery

Favored Weapon

Emerald Essence (quarterstaff)

Maestro of Magic, Begetter of All Knowledge, Architect of All Wisdom
Greater Deity

Commonly named El-Sathys in modern times, the Sage Supreme is believed to be one of the three Creator Gods, and the architect of the multiverse. It was their task to plan and understand how our reality was to be created, how it functions, and how it would grow.

The Sage Supreme has always held an evenhanded stance of objectivity with an open mind. They guide their followers with careful deliberation and great patience. With a complete understanding of the consequences of every action taken, the Sage Supreme never acts rashly, but often inscrutably, especially to a mortal's perspective.

They are the perfect teacher. They are able to answer any question, and know exactly how to explain or demonstrate a lesson so that their student is able to understand it.

The Sage Supreme combines their omniscient knowledge and wisdom to be the source and custodian of the force known as magic. They have the greatest capacity to tap into this energy, and the ability to wield it in any fashion they desire. They themselves are so immersed into mana that they are a wellspring for magic unto themselves.

The Sage Supreme is generally portrayed as a tall figure with emerald skin and star-filled amethyst eyes.

Emerald and amethyst are both the colours and gems associated with the Sage Supreme. Crows, ravens, and octopuses are the Sage's animal totems.

Relations with Other Faiths

The Sage Supreme's objectivity prevents them from having but a few close relationship with their fellow deities. It does allow them to act as a trusted arbiter between divine arguments. Deities may crave the Sage's power over magic, or resent them for not siding with them, but they all rest assured that the Sage will every side a fair consideration and the chance to prove their point.

The Sage Supreme has also always been willing to serve as a teacher and mentor to other deities. The Greenheart, the Pale Judge, the Moonseer, the Marvelous Maker, and the Transcendent One are those who regularly seek out the Sage's tutelage. The Nightsinger and the Deathless Shroud are also the Sage's students, despite these two regularly plotting to steal their position and power. As long as they can continue foiling their plots, the Sage continues to teach them nonetheless for reasons that are their own.

The Sage Supreme is known to be closest with her fellow Creator Gods, the Lightbringer and the Exalted Tyrant. They often directly arbitrate between these two opposing greater deities, regardless of the Tyrant's constant attempts to dominate them.

Roles Within the Faith

Scholars and spellcasters naturally make up the majority of the Sage's worshipers.

A Priest's Role

Priests of the Sage Supreme double as educators in addition to their religious responsibilities. They seek to help foster the next generation of spellcasters, teaching how to wield magic, or just knowledge in general, in a responsible manner. They are highly sought after as advisors on magical topics by people in power.

The Sage's priests also investigate matters of magical abuse, where forces threaten the stability of the fabric of magic itself. Once the source of danger has been taken care of, the Sage's priests also take on the responsibility to repair any damage that was caused.

Religious Orders

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Temples and Shrines

The Sage's temples often double as libraries.

Centres of learning, such as universities, libraries, and museums, often house a shrine to the Sage.

Holy Texts

Relics of the Faith



Knowledge is the beginning to wisdom.

Three Myths

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