Two gold coins; one with the profile of a woman's head, and the other with a hand making the victory sign

Home Plane



Chaotic Good


Luck, adventure, risk, festivals, celebration


Rogues, halflings, adventurers, gamblers

Cleric Alignment



Chaos (Azata, Revelry), Charm (Love, Lust), Good (Azata), Luck (Fate), Travel

Favored Weapon

Lucky Die (sling staff)

Lady Luck, Queen of Risk, Dame of Festivals
Lesser Deity

Phaenya is the goddess of luck, the patron of adventurers, the daredevil of the gods. She is a young goddess who took up the mantle as the goddess of luck when the previous holder's own luck ran out. As appropriate, she had gained her godhood through a fortunate series of chanced encounters during the Age of Starlight.

To most other deities, it appears that Phaenya does not take her godly duties very seriously. She indeed does not, but her natural whims and carefree attitude actually fulfills her obligations. She is very fickle in who she grants her favour. However, she is a very benign deity with a kind heart, and only bestows good luck, never bad. Her philosophy is that having no luck is bad enough. Appropriately, she likes to have fun, and has celebrations for all sorts of occasions. Even when she loses or a sad event occurs, Phaenya holds a party, because she believes that the best way to deal with somber moods is to celebrate the good in life.

Phaenya is very popular among halflings. Adventurers give up offerings to her before they set out, and invoke her name before embarking on a foolhardy action. Gamblers and rogues also pray to her for good fortune. She blesses those who are willing to take risks. She is the patron of adventurers, especially the fool-hardy ones who leap before they look, whether they mean to or not! She often steps in and gives a lending hand to the ones who impress her with their bravery or amuse her with their foolishness. Adventurers are always welcomed in her temples, and are encourage to tell tales of their harrowing adventures where they survived only by a chance event.

Phaenya's teachings encourage people to take risks, to step forward without always looking. Since she grants and takes away her blessing on a whim, those who find themselves on a lucky streak should grab the opportunity with both hands. She teaches that too much planning wastes time. Besides, all plans never survive at first encounter. Better to jump in head first and deal with anything as it comes. In any case, everyone should aim to have fun, because life without it is not worth living.

Temples and Shrines

As the goddess of luck, Phaenya Often, her temples also double as a festhalls, run by her priests. In addition to religious activities, people can come here to gamble or indulge in pleasures in a safe environment. Doing so is never for greed; all profits go to benefit the church and reward lucky winners. Her priests are taught not to be greedy, and to celebrate other people's luck. Temples can also be used to host great parties and celebrations. Appropriately, temples are built very large and opulent, with many extravagant decorations.

Shrines are often decorated with gambling or party paraphernalia such as a roulette wheel, gambling dice, party fan or hat. They can often be found in pleasure halls and gambling dens.

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