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The myths recount that the first light in the universe appeared, the Nightsinger was born, for it was only with light can shadows be born. Other tales speak of the primordial Fairest of Night and Shadows attaining true deification when her chosen children among the fey became the mortal dark elves.

The Nigtsinger is the patron of deceit and shadows. The truth is nothing something to be given, but deciphered. Secrets hold power, both your own the ones you can uncover.

The Nightsinger cloaks themselves in darkness and deceit. Their motives and plans hidden from all, moreso than any other power in the multiverse. And even if one were to pierce the Nightsinger's veil of secrecy, only misdirection and lies await them. The only thing known for sure about the Master of Shadows is that they are incredibly selfish, hoarding secrets like a miser hoards coin. Plotting and scheming defines them, to gain more power and undermine their enemies.

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A Priest's Role

Priests of the Nightsinger operate in the shadows, never out in the open. They often pose as ordinary people with mundane occupations. It is a test for their worshipers to actually find a Nightsinger priest and see through their disguise.

The Nightsinger's priests often act as secret advisors to those in power. They serve to keep their patron's secrets while working to uncover those of their rivals. Many of them end up as spymasters or high-ranking thieves Guild members.

Bats and scorpions are common totemic creatures of the Nightsinger's faith. Black is naturally a favoured colour, oftentimes accented with dark blues or purples.

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Three Myths

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