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The Moonseer may not be the original source of illumination, but they are still the light that shines in the night. The Moonseer governs the celestial bodies and they light they shine over the vast distances of darkness in the sky.

The Moonseer has always been thought of as a benelovent power, having provided light no matter how faint in the dangerous night to the earliest of peoples. They guide those who travel by night, and moonlight shines down of what path to take.

As coupling is generally done at night, underneath the beauty of the moon and stars, the Moonseer also became the embodiment of romance and a deity of love.

The Moonseer is believed to have come into being with the first celestial bodies. Other myths claim that they were a primordial Fairest of moonlight and starlight, and attained godhood upon her children being reborn as mortal elves. It is unsure if the Moonseer is one power across multiple worlds, or if the Moonseer we know is but an aspect or a wholly separate power governing the light of the moon and stars from Celesia's perspective.

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