A crescent moon followed by a trail of stars

Home Plane



Neutral Good


Astrology, love, moon, stars, romance, ocean, travel


Bards, elves, diviners, good lycanthropes, sailors, sea creatures

Cleric Alignment



Charm (Love), Darkness (Night), Good(Agathion), Magic (Arcane), Travel, Water (Ice, Oceans)

Favored Weapon

(short bow)

The Moon Maiden, Lady of Love
Intermediate Deity

Minué is the goddess of the moon. She is the beacon of hope in the dark night. All those who live in the night, but refuse to succumb to darkness, venerate her. Lycanthropes who refuse to give into their evil impulses worship her as the moon is so connected with their being. Her influence extends to the seas, as it is her power that determines the tides. She teaches that even in darkness, there is light, and that one should not give up hope.

Minué is also the goddess of the stars. As such, divination and traveling fall within her domain. The first diviners were astrologers who used the stars to chart out the fates of all people. Sailors and other travelers use the stars to navigate their course. She guides those who are lost in the darkness towards their destination. Her stars pierce the veil of darkness to provide just a little bit of comfort.

Minué was the first goddess to fall in love, and has become the patron of lovers everywhere. Under her soft and gentle light, lovers make their vows, or enjoy a peaceful evening together. She has always been an inspiration for romance, for there was always something magical about being with the one you love under the light of the full moon.

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