Two greataxes forming an 'X' on top of a round shield.

Home Plane



Chaotic Neutral


War, combat, tactics, strategy


Barbarians, fighters, dwarves, half-orcs, minotaurs

Cleric Alignment



Chaos (Protean), Destruction (Rage), Glory (Heroism), Strength (Ferocity, Resolve), Trickery, War (Tactics)

Favored Weapon


Lord of War, Master of Battles
Intermediate Deity

Legend states that Karthamor was once a mortal who found his purpose in battle. It is said that he lived to overcome those stronger than himself. He would join in wars, regardless of the cause, and almost always on the weakest side. He would challenge powerful beings to combat, whether one-on-one or many against only himself. He mastered every weapon created, devised strategies and tactics that would confound his enemies, and stood back up and came back stronger from every defeat he suffered. Eventually, he grew so strong that only the highest of gods were worthy of a challenge to him. He was soundly defeated, but the Creator Gods were so impressed by his strength, his skill, and his bravado, that they offered him divinehood. Karthamor accepted, and became the pantheon's god of battle and strength.

Karthamor is known to be the true god of war, and all that it entails. Despite his chaotic nature, Karthamor holds strategies, tactics, and martial discipline to be within his domain. However, it is the heat of battle that the essence of Karthamor can be experienced. The adrenaline of victory, the fear of death, the pain of injuries, and the elation of victory are all part of Karthamor. Perfection of martial skill also falls under Karthamor's purview. Battle is not Karthamor's only domain. He is the god of strength and overcoming challenges. He inspires others to welcome adversity with open arms so that they may grow stronger by facing it.

The Basics

Relations with Other Religions

Roles Within the Faith

A Cleric's Role

Clerics are trained in the arts of warfare. They are very welcomed in armies, and may also serve as commanders.


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Three Myths

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