A blue eagle with wings spread out, superimposed on the sun, and carrying the scales of justice in its claws.

Home Plane



Lawful Good


Justice, law, compassion, sun, healing, courage


Paladins, fighters, monks, humans, dwarves, elves

Cleric Alignment



Glory (Heroism), Good (Redemption), Healing (Restoration, Resurrection), Law (Judgment), Nobility, Sun (Day, Light), War

Favored Weapon

Radiant Justice (warhammer)

The All-Father, The Sun King, The Celestial Judge
Greater Deity

Kaï-den is one of the most prominent deities of Celesia. His worship dates back as far as anyone could remember. His church can be found across the world, with each branch having different customs or focusing on different aspects of the deity.

It is believed that Kaï-den created the first souls, and many cultures worship him as the father of all life. As the source of life and light, Kaï-den has become tied with the sun, an evolution from the merger of his early worship and sun cults far in the past. His light is that which provides warmth and sustenance, and drives the darkness away. However, like a father can sometimes be, his sunlight can be harsh and punishing at times.

Kaï-den teaches that while the universe may be cold and uncaring, he is not. If the universe is unfair, than it is up to every person to bring fairness to the world. Kaï-den's teachings have made him the prominent god of law and justice. He loves all of his children, and wishes for them to grow in peace and happiness, so he laid down the foundations of laws that served to protect and enable people to live together in harmony.

Still, there are those who would ignore these laws for their own gain, regardless of the pain they cause to others. Kaï-den teaches that such crimes cannot go unanswered. To do so would make their victims fall into despair, and without hope of a better life, many would give in to darker impulses. Justice serves to relieve victims and prevent the spread of despair. However, punishment for vengeance's sake is no better than the original crime. Kaï-den teaches that penance must lead the way to atonement. Criminals must come to understand how their actions have harmed others, to truly regret their action, and seek to lead a better life. Kaï-den teaches that there is no greater victory over darkness than to have those who once practiced evil willingly return to the light.

As part of his pursuit to true justice, Kaï-den became the god of healers. Healing is perhaps the most altruistic action one can take, to give something to others solely for their own benefit. To Kaï-den, healing of the body, of the mind, and of the soul are all equally important.

The Basics

Kaï-den is a lawful good deity. Over two thirds of his clerics are lawful good, with most of the remainder being lawful neutral and a minority being neutral good. Priests of the faith typically wear white and blue for everyday wear. During holy rituals and ceremonies, they wear more elaborately clothing with additional gold trimmings to their clothing.

Titles and Terms of Address

  • Initiates: Sun-brother/sister, Brother/Sister of the Light, law-brother/sister; addressed as 'Brother/Sister'.
  • Shrine: Sunkeeper, Lawkeeper, Stalwart; addressed as 'Father/Mother'.
  • Local: Dawnspeaker, Justkeeper; addressed as 'Father/Mother'.
  • Regional: Sunkeeper, High Justice
  • Leader:

Relations with Other Religions

Kaï-den leads the Wardens of the Light, and most of those gods consider him not only as their leader, but as their father as well. Minué can be said to be closest to him, often considered as his current consort. Vandarion is his general, and Shenlong is his knight.

Illia and he share a mutual respect, and Kaï-den always welcomes her wisdom. Legends state that they were once brother and sister. Certain myths indicate that Kaï-den and Firhanna once had a short dalliance that gave birth to Deianeira.

Kaï-den and Zhao-Kahn are eternal enemies. Both stand in opposition for what the other represents. Legend states that they were once close brothers, but at the beginning of the universe, they have feuded with each other over the fate of creation. The rest of the Masters of the Dark all hate Kaï-den, but fear his power as well. Aside from Zhao-Kahn, the only one whose hate overwhelms her fear is Noué, who, if the myths are to be believed, was once Kaï-den's lover. She desired his power, and they became bitter enemies.

Roles Within the Faith

A Cleric's Role

The clerics are the backbone of Kaï-den's faith. As the primary anointed agents of their Lord on the mortal plane, blessed with His Grace and capable of manifesting His Power, almost all clerics are part of the hierarchy of the Church of their region. They are expected to teach and lead the faithful by words and example. Clerics of Kaï-den are taught to be well-versed in laws, both local and abroad. They often serve as councillors to community leaders, magistrates, and legal advisers. A cleric of Kaï-den can be counted upon to fully defend the most heinous of criminals in a court of law. Other clerics operate healing houses and clinics, especially to those who are unable to pay for it.

A Paladin's Role

Kaï-den has a very strong martial aspect, as He leads the fight against evil. It is only natural that paladins flock to his faith. These anointed warriors are the first line defence against the darkness, all the while striving to exemplify the high moral code of their Lord. A paladin serves as a beacon of light in dark places. They venture out to root out sources of evil, and defend the innocent in dangerous places.


Holy Texts

The Light of Kaï-den: This book is the most basic and most widespread text of Kaï-den's teachings. It contains a collection of scriptures written by holy figures. Its words have been attributed to angels bearing the messages of Kaï-den. It also contains several texts written by those holy figures that explain the faith for laymen, and include parables to serve as examples.

Relics of the Faith


Winterfest: This holiday takes place on the winter solstice and celebrates Kaï-den's compassion and love for his children. On this day, followers of Kaï-den go above and beyond what is normally asked of them and provide everything they can to the needed. This holiday is also celebrated by many other people regardless of their faith. Besides doing charity work, gifts are exchanged between loved ones.

Three Myths

Father of Creation: Legendary myths of different sources corroborate with ancient Kaï-denite scriptures that say that Kaï-den is one of the Creator Gods of the Universe. The myths say that Kaï-den, as a young adult, came with his fellow Creator Gods from a previous universe where the weakest creature was as powerful as a god. However, that universe was dying, and its inhabitants were blind with their own arrogance to do anything but die. Kaï-den escaped that universe as it died with his fellow godlings to the Void, bringing with them a single seed from their home. However, that seed was powerful enough to give birth to a new universe. In the act of creation, Kaï-den breathed life into the newly-born universe, and imbued creatures with the first souls, making him the All-Father.

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