A silver staff laid vertically in front of a green and blue flame.

Home Plane





Magic, wisdom, knowledge


Wizards, sorcerers, elves, sages, bards

Cleric Alignment



Artifice (Construct), Charm, Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Luck (Curse, Fate), Magic (Arcane, Divine), Rune (Language, Wards), Trickery

Favored Weapon

Emerald Essence (quarterstaff)

Lady of Magic, Mistress of Knowledge, Bearer of All Wisdom
Greater Deity

If knowledge is power, then El-Sathys is one of the most powerful among all the gods. And with that knowledge, she perfectly steers the Mana Flow, source of all magic, throughout all of creation. Despite all this power at her fingertips, she has never taken a misstep, for El-Sathys is also one of the wisest of all gods. Maintaining absolute objectivity has allowed her judgment to be as perfect as any being could be. Yet she is a major part of the universe, and links between herself and the rest of reality is impossible to avoid. Among all beings in existence, El-Sathys is the closest to maintaining that balance between detachment and involvement.

El-Sathys encourages the learning of new knowledge. She inspires scholars and sages to explore the unknown, and to come up with new ideas. Her followers look to her as a guide on how to make their own judgments. Spellcasters pay homage to her for creating and maintaining the Mana Flow. She is delighted when they develop new means of applying magic. She carries no moral judgment on how they use their magic, but disapproves strongly with spells that could disrupt or harm the Mana Flow.

Scholars, sages, and magic users form the majority of El-Sathys' followers. Her worship is spread across all species of all creeds. In particular, she is very prominent deity among elves and dragons. Many of her temples also serve as libraries, and many learning institutions often house a shrine or small chapel within their structures. The church often funds researches and helps spread new discoveries. Many people with heavy decisions on their mind turn to the church for advice and recommendation due to their perceived higher wisdom, and philosophical debates are often held in El-Sathi temples. It is also very powerful, having both vast knowledge and powerful magic at its disposal.

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