The profile of a white unicorn's head encircled by a green wreath

Home Plane

Happy Hunting Ground


Neutral Good


Frontiers, seasons, forests


Rangers, half-elves, elves, gnomes, druids, centaurs, feys

Cleric Alignment



Animal (Feather, Fur), Good, Plants (Growth), Travel (Exploration), Weather (Seasons)

Favored Weapon


Lady of Seasons, The Frontier Rider
Lesser Deity

Born of a union between the Sun and the Land, Deianeira has always bridged the world of the wild and the civilized. In ancient times, pioneers exploring the wild who witness a wild woman riding a unicorn, elk, or stag riding in the distance or in the foggy mists, guiding them away from immediate danger or to safe havens. Other times, when nature was being overrun by the greed of mortals, they would see a woman in leathers and furs wielding a gleaming scimitar, leading savage beasts into battle.

Deianeira is a very impish goddess, with a witty sense of humour and deep love of freedom. Her preferred method of teaching is through experience. She will often prompt her followers into situations without giving them any details, letting them gain wisdom and knowledge by overcoming the challenges. She has a kind heart, and dislikes using forceful means, but she can be a furious storm when angered. Her temperament varies slightly with the seasons, but never out of character.

Deianeira embodies the frontier and the pioneering spirit. Braving and overcoming the dangers of the wild while at the same time learning and discovering about it are treasured experiences. These experiences strengthen you and help you grow into a wiser person. Deianeira also embodies the balance between the wild and the civilized. She teaches that it is possible to live in modern comforts while also respecting the natural world, and that respect between the two sides of the same coin can lead to a good life.

Deianeira is worshipped by many elves and half-elves, along with feys, centaurs and gnomes. Good rangers pray to her as their patron. Those who travel the wild frontiers pray for her blessing.

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