A blood-dripping scorpion's tail.

Home Plane



Lawful Evil


murder, assassination, poisons


Rogues, dark elves, assassins

Cleric Alignment



Darkness (Night), Death (Murder), Evil (Devil), Law (Devil), War (Blood, Tactics)

Favored Weapon

Scorpion's Venom (sawtooth sabre)

Mistress of Murder
Lesser Deity

Danika came to power at the end of the Age of Kings. As a mortal, she was a blood-thirsty warrior who used her skills and beauty to kill. Her patron was Zhao-Kahn, and under his orders, she seduced and then killed Crotius, the then-God of Murder who opposed Zhao-Kahn's plans. Zhao-Kahn then transferred the divine spark into Danika, elevating her to godhood as his loyal servant and sometimes lover.

Danika finds great pleasure in pain, in both inflicting it and receiving it. She also gets excited by bloodshed, and the act of killing. She is sadistic, having no concept of love, and blending sex and violence together. Brutal violence is not her only means of pleasure. Danika even enjoys subtle ways of killing, especially poison. She enjoyes looking into the eyes of her victims as they suddenly realized the poison taking into effect. Despite her vicious nature, she is extremely devoted to her patron and lover Zhao-Kahn. She is sometimes compared to being a rabid guard dog, and her foes nickname her the "Tyrant's Bitch", although never in her presence.

The Basics

Relations with Other Religions

The Faithful

In general, almost every assassin guild has at least a shrine in their headquarters dedicated to Danika.

Despite her lawful nature, Danika is a popular goddess among the dark elves.

Danika is a popular goddess among the grey dwarves.

A Cleric's Role


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Three Myths

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