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Lawful Evil


Torture, imprisonment, interrogation, obedience


slavers, prison guards and wardens, goblinoids, drow

Cleric Alignment



Artifice (Toil), Destruction (Torture), Evil (Devil), Law (Devil, Inevitable), War (Blood)

Favored Weapon

(spiked chain)

Mistress of Pain
Lesser Deity

Cylene is the ultimate jailer. Gods and other powerful entities come to her to see that their prisoners, beings that cannot be contained by other means, though they must first meet her price. When information is needed from her prisoners, Cylene takes it upon herself to extract it personally. She takes great pleasure in inflicting pain, but even greater pleasure in executing the art of torture. She knows of an infinite ways to inflict pain, how to make it last, and how to use it to achieve her ends. Cylene rose to prominence under the patronage of Zhao-Khan at the end of the Age of Titans, to imprison and torture the rebellious children of the Creator Gods.

Cylene is almost always calm and collected. She rarely expresses any emotion. The only time she known to is when she is experiencing or inflicting pain, and even then, she only lets out a longing sigh, maybe even a slight shiver. She takes pride in excelling in her role as warden and interrogator, and takes any slight to her professionalism with everlasting offense. She is unrelenting, and fierce in negotiations, but she can be trusted to adamantly keep to her part of the bargain once made, no matter how she might exploit it.

Cylene opposes freedom, believing in Zhao-Khan's philosophy of absolute order. Those that have been imprisoned should remain there, until they fulfill the pre-established conditions for their release. Prisoners have no privacy and must be watched constantly, experience no joy or comfort, and above all else, taste no freedom except that which you alone choose to allow. Cylene takes great pleasure in pain, in both inflicting it and experiencing it. She believes that pain can push a being into a higher state of experience. For Cylene, inflicting pain is a form of art that must be reverently practiced and perfected.

The Basics

Relations with Other Religions

Cylene is loyal to Zhao-Khan, who is also the greatest patron of her services.

Cylene is often opposed by Vandarion.

The Faithful

Most cruel prisons has at least a shrine dedicated to Cylene, as opposed to more compassionate prisons that support Vandarion.

Cylene is a popular goddess among the grey dwarves.

A Cleric's Role


Holy Texts

Relics of the Faith


Three Myths

The legends say that she was once mortal whose sadism allowed her to be reborn as a chain devil after she died. Her skill at torture caught the attention of Zhao-Khan, and her power grew as she became his chief jailer and interrogator.

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