Home Plane

Nessus, Ninth Layer of Hell


Lawful Evil


Corruption, contracts, greed, slavery, temptation, lies


politicians, nobles, slavers, merchants

Cleric Alignment



Charm, Evil (Devil), Fire (Ash), Law (Devil, Inevitable, Slavery), Knowledge (Thought), Trickery (Deception)

Favored Weapon


Prince of Darkness, the Adversary
Intermediate Deity

Asmodeus is perhaps one of the greatest threats to goodness in existence. The myths state that he was once the first angel created by the Creator Gods, the King of the Host, known as the Bright One. For eons he had served the gods loyally and loved them with all his being, until he became jealous of the new mortal races, and led a rebellion of celestials against their creators. When he was defeated, he was stripped of his post, and struck down into the Lower Planes. What is known for sure, is that Asmodeus, through cunning, power, and skill, climbed his way to power and rulership over the Nine Hells as Archduke of all devils. His influence became so great that enough mortals worshipping him allowed him to become a god in his own right.

The greatest weapon of the Adversary is his honeyed tongue. More victims have fallen to his twisted promises than they have to fear and intimidation. The worse part is that everything he is says is the truth, and always keeps his word, despite being the God of Lies. As the God of Contracts, Asmodeus is the most skilled with words and loopholes, his greatest tool in seducing the mortals he so despises away from the gods that he once served. He takes great pleasure in corrupting the most principled, and seducing the innocent.

Many of Asmodeus' faithful are those seeking a quicker and easier way to get what they desire. Asmodeus makes many promises and bargains that he upholds, but they are always worded in such a way that the god ends up gaining so much more in return. Despite his fearsome reputation, there is no shortage in those willing to make deals with the devil, in the delusional belief that they will be the one to outsmart him.

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