The Manticore Syndicate

Known Facts

The Manticore Syndicate is a not so secret organization bent on criminal pursuits, however the details of who are involved and there bases of operation are not known. It is one of the largest criminal organization on Asteropa. They are known to operate throughout the northern part of Valendar, centered on the city of Maldurant. Their activities include smuggling, slavery, drug trafficking, extortion, and overthrowing government to put their own agents in charge. However, the Syndicate is known to operate legitimate businesses. Used as fronts owned under assumed names, these businesses serve as alternate sources of income, and to launder illegitimate goods and money. They also provide intelligence, since as legitimate businesses, they are allowed into certain areas that would otherwise bar criminals or associates to the Syndicate.


One of the major rumours is that the Manticore Syndicate actually controls the city of Maldurant, and that the city's ruling family, the Von Marchons, is at least high up in the Syndicate's ranks, if not the actual bosses of the organization.

The Manticore Syndicate also appears to be making in-roads in the southern parts of the Valkirk Republic. That nations near conquest by the Xaos Dominion over a hundred years ago, followed by the Tyrant's Conquest, left it weak and vulnerable to outside predation.


Besides standard law enforcement agencies and government, one of the main opponents of the Manticore Syndicate is the Argent Rose Society. The Society seeks to free the people and towns that have fallen under the brutal control of the Syndicate.

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