Chapter-Sage, as per your request, here are the Society's current profile reports on prominent factions and organizations throughout Celesia for your review. All files contain information cleared for your rank. Also as requested, copies of all updates will be regularly forwarded to your office as soon as written until requested to cease. —Ling Shen, Rose Scholar, Archives.


The following are factions not affiliated to any recognized state.

  • The Argent Rose Society—International society of explorers and scholars.
  • factions:coil—Human supremacist secret society seeking world domination; known to use Sserassinite arcane arts, artifacts, and methodology.
  • factions:crimson-court—Primary controlling secret society of Anzica's vampires.
  • Crown Consortium—Powerful international mercantile consortium.
  • factions:hive—Highly-structured secret society seeking to impose its own order upon the world; human-dominated, but heavily based on Neraxinite philosophy and tools.
  • factions:jade-court—Primary controlling secret society of Zhoulong's vampires.
  • factions:kingdom-of-ash—Vast nomadic kingdom of ghouls that travels through the Deep Hollows.
  • factions:leviathan—Secret society descended from Xianese magi seeking to reshape the world into their idealized vision; human-dominated and known to be inspired by the power of the Cosmic Horrors.
  • factions:orochi—Secret society of experts in the arts of assassination and spycraft founded by a multi-headed demon lord; known to sell their services to the highest bidder, but also act on their own obscure agenda.
  • factions:twilight-houses—Elf supremacist secret society seeking to restore elven hegemony on the world.
  • faction:umbral-court—Primary controlling secret society of Asteropa's vampires.
  • faction:undying-circle—Secret, but loose, society of powerful undead and other types of immortals whose very varying plots and agendas seem to stem from a game of one-upmanship with each other for their own amusement.


The following are factions that are religious in nature or strictly affiliated to a deity, but are not their primary institutions. See Deities of Celesia for profile reports on specific church institutions of each deity of Celesia.


The following are factions affiliated or in service to a specific nation-state.

  • factions:company—Secretive syndicate that maintains the balance between the various outlaw groups of the Tassimar Reach.
  • factions:eyes-of-amonkhaten—Inquisitorial arm of Amonkhaten's church and the Ashaki imperial government.
  • factions:fists-of-amonkhaten—Order of assassins and enforcers of Amonkhaten's church and the Ashaki imperial government.
  • The Manticore Syndicate—Semi-secret society originating from the city of Maldurant seeking economical and criminal dominance of the region surrounding Lake Crescent Moon.
  • factions:mavericks-of-mysthaven—Adventurers' guild whose founding members were behind the second founding of Mysthaven and its government.
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