The Magnetar Jones Band

Hailing all the way from the humble village of Cherryhill: the Magnetar Jones Band!


  • Magnetar Jones: male gnome bard, main singer.
  • Bill Firefingers: male halfling bard, guitarist.
  • Nyx: male human oracle, drummer.
  • Maka: male half-giant monk, flutist.
  • Chak-chak: male tengu rogue, band manager.
  • Tio: male elf ranger, driver/bodyguard.
  • Nicodemus: male dhampir gunslinger, a mysterious stranger.
  • Rodney: male human fighter, bodyguard.


In Warskar, the local authorities caught up with the Magnetar Jones Band on the airfield. Although initially hostile, the smooth talking Magnetar and Bill managed to convince the authorities that they were acting in self-defense and that they were simply trying to retrieve what the Hive agents were stealing from them. The band were detained for a day, but the band's honesty, fame, and actions in dismantling a cell of a foreign agency in their city, as well as the number of prisoners and information gained from the fallen Hive agents, convinced the Warskar authorities to let them go with the Nezian Codex. After all, they had a high-ranking Hive agent in custody for interrogation.

Two days later, the Black Scorpion escaped Warksar custody, leaving a trail of broken bodies behind.

Meanwhile, the Magnetar Jones Band earned a much more grateful response from the Argent Rose Society back in Mysthaven. Sage Sumiko gave them high praise for their accomplishment and the return of the Nezian Codex, with only a slight disappointment that they could not secure the Black Scorpion for the Society. The Magnetar Jones Band were rewarded with their new airship, outfitted with several cannons, as well as several commissioned magical items.

The band were asked to bring the Nezian Codex to Nicodemus' residence in Ashes Hill for Darius Lomar to study. After that task was done, they were given some time off from any Argent Rose assignments, free to pursue their own pursuits. Magnetar and Bill went to work crafting new songs, Maka spent time learning the ins and outs of their new airship, Nicodemus concentrated on his alchemy, Rodney focused on his sword work, Chak-Chak drank and committed (allegedly!) petty theft around the town. Nyx delved into the Pnakoptic Manuscripts, trying to uncover his connection to entities of the Dark Tapestry. What he found was disturbing.

Nyx already knew that the Defiler Within, Par'manorok, had an interest in him, but the mysterious drumming in his dreams appears to be connected with another cosmic abomination known as Golgothayak, the Cacophony of Calm. Golgothayak was an aberrant horror that did not appear to hostile to life in this plane, but it revealed hidden truths through drum beats at the expense of the listener's sanity.

In the following months, the Magnetar Jones Band made tours around the Asteropa continent, all the while performing special "jobs" for the Argent Rose. Their fame grew across the continent, but so were the many assassination attempts on their lives. They were also dogged by mysterious cultist and insane arcanists, seemingly targeting Nyx.

Over time, the bigger picture became apparent to the Magnetar Jones Band. The Hive were after a magical superweapon created by the ancient race of the Tharaxin. The weapon was never completed but the location of the Tharaxin enclave could be found in the Nezian Codex. It soon became a race between the Argent Rose, the Hive, and a group of Tharaxin survivors known as the Memory of Z'lin'thirax to find the weapon, with the Magnetar Jones Band stuck in the middle.

The race ended in the ruins of Enclave T'laz'cerax. After an epic battle, the Magnetar Jones band defeated the Hive agents and the Memory of Z'lin'thirax. The superweapon was destroyed in the battle, and the ruins collapsed with band escaping on their airship.

After the Battle of T'lax'cerax, things became more or less peaceful for the band. They never really rose up through the ranks of the Argent Rose, though their artistic endeavours were strongly supported. It seemed that the band had earned a reputation of being talented, but reckless group that can solve problems in very unsubtle manners. Nicodemus' black market alchemy and Nyx's deepening connection to the Dark Tapestry certainly didn't do them any favors.

Nonetheless, the Magnetar Jones Band earned great fortune and fame, going on a world tour to share their odd, but captivating music. They embarked on many new adventures, leaving new fans and messes in their wake.

The group were last seen departing the Prime Material Plane on their newly refitted planar airship.

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