Kingmaker: Session 9

Session #9 - November 15, 2010


After securing the fort, the Wardens decided to exile the remaining bandits from the area, except for Falgrim Steeg. After resting, the Wardens wake up to find the ground underneath Crio magically greased, and Bragi's helm mysteriously hanging on top of one of the watch towers. They also decided to set free Beaky, the griffon that the bandits held captive. Gerrard managed to convince it not to attack them thanks to some talking and salted stag meat. Beaky, although still not friendly to the Wardens, nonetheless left the fort without incident. Before continuing on their journey, they ask Kressle to watch over the fort for them, and convince her not to kill any non-hostile passer-byes.

The Wardens, with a cart full of loot, make their way back to Onestrio's Trade Post. On their way, the discover trolls tracks. Before resting for the night, the party prepares an offering of alcohol to the fey that they suspect have been pranking them. All except for Crio, who simply rages to them. Gerrard, desiring closer relations with the fey, writes an elaborate and masterful poem to them, and leaves it out for them with the alcohol. Upon waking, Crio was victim to the fey's full barrage of pranks, as he was flared right in the face, greased beneath him, and splashed with water from the sky. Conversely, Gerrard found some exotic flowers next to him upon waking, along with some exotic sweets. The next night, Yasuhiro and Bragi each suffer a flare before heading to bed.

They continue their journey, and arrive at Nettle's crossing. They dump the Stag Lord's body into the river, and the undead Nettle appears and drags the corpse back into the river with him. After they had both disappeared under water, Nettle's ranseur washes up on the shore. On the next night, a pack of rats run all over Crio while he was asleep, albeit not doing any harm. He also discovered that his boots were filled with mud. After a few days of travel, the Wardens reach Onestrio's.

At Onestrio's, they learn from Vittoria, one of the guards they hired, that their reformed workers have been working hard. As it was night, they went to bed first. Bragi sprinkled holy water around his bed, and Crio fortified his, both for against the fey. In the morning, Bragi discovers that his circle of holy water was pissed upon, and Crio was again splashed with water. The party delivers Falgrim to Lorenzo, who is grateful for he party's aid in this personal matter. He rewards the party with masterwork weapons. Lorenzo departs with Falgrim back to Rochefort, where he will also send word to House Châteaufoy of the party's victory over the Stag Lord.

Continuing their exploration of the Evergreen Reach, the Wardens focus on the Gnarlwoods. The first day, they find numerous traps placed in the area for unsuspecting travelers. The party takes the time to disarm and collect them. After spending a night on the road, Bragi awakens to find his beard coloured a bright blue, and Crio found a pile of animal excrement next to his head upon waking. In the forest, they find a crossing for Hunter's Creek River with some ruins. The ruins were inhabited by a lagheair, a lizardfolk, by the name of Garuum, who also had a pet crocodile named Ubagub. The Wardens learn that Garuum was exiled from the Spikescale tribe to the west after he tried to take over the tribe. Now, he only wishes to live his remaining days in peace. He tells the group that there is a large boar in the southern portion of the forest, and of the tatzlwyrms' general location in the forest as well.

The next day, Yasuhiro discovers a pair of frogs underneath his shirt, while Bragi found his mace glued to his hand. They travel southward within the Gnarlwood, and come across the lair of Tuskgutter. The mad boar was no match for the seven of them. After cooking up the boar for supper, the group rested. Upon waking, Crio discovers that tree branches were wrapped around him, and Yasuhiro found mud in his boots. They found the fangberries that Biaggio requested.

Camping for the night, the party is ambushed by a quartet of barghests. The fight is brutal. Bragi is almost killed, but is mysteriously rescued when he was fed a healing potion from an unknown source. Eventually, after a bloody battle, the Wardens defeat the barghests.

Current date: Fireday, Tierran 4th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For peacefully dealing with 'Beaky' the griffon, each character earns 171 XP.
  • For successfully convincing Kressle to follow your suggestions, each character earns 57 XP.
  • For dumping the body of the Stag Lord in the river for the undead Davik Nettles, each character earns 57 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For handing over Falgrim Steeg over to Lorenzo alive, each character earns 57 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For peacefully encountering Guruum and his pet Ubagub, each character earns 170 XP.
  • For defeating Tuskgutter, each character earns 228 XP.
  • For defeating the 4 ambushing barghests, each character earns 685 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (each character earns 57 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,482 2
Bragi 1,482 2
Crio 1,482 2
Duridana 1,482 2
Gerrard 1,482 2
Tick 1,482 0
Yasuhiro 1,482 2

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