Kingmaker: Session 8

Session #8 - November 9th, 2010


Yasuhiro was just a boy seeking the thrill for adventure and the fortunes of wealth when he unfortunately came across the Stag Lord's bandits. After beating him, they press ganged him into their service. Fortunately for him, he escaped much abuse thanks to the protection of Akiros, the Stag Lord's second-in-command. The man may have been a bandit, but he disliked the cruel nature of his fellows. He took Yasuhiro under his wing and shielded him from the worst part of the bandit life. That was months ago, and tonight, the man woke the boy. There was some commotion outside, something about a party of fools falling prey to the zombies outside. The camp was put on alert, and Akiros told Yasuhiro to stay close to him and do as he says.

Outside the fort, the Wardens quickly dug and uncovered the hidden trap door on the outer south east corner of the fort. The doors appeared to have been long forgotten, perhaps the bandits did not even know of its existence. Finally uncovering the doors, the party heard rushed footsteps approaching them from the outside of the fort. From within, they heard Akiros bark out orders to the bandits, saying that while Dovan, Auchs, and their group were outside, that the rest of the bandits were to secure the inside.

The party went into the tunnel and closed the doors behind them and put up a quickly-made makeshift barricade. The tunnel was narrow and dark, but was short, and they came out of it underneath some stairs. They heard the bandits outside exclaim at the discovery of the doors and their efforts to get through them. Meanwhile, the party set up formation, and Tick started to summon Tock. When the first patrolling bandits came around the corner, Duridana and Gerrard fired their weapons at them, wounding one, and blowing away the other. The sound from the scattergun alerted the rest of the fort.

Bandits came assaulting them from all sides, even from below as the bandits came through the same tunnel as they did. Dovan was attacked by Crio. The sinister bandit tried to roll out of the way, but only his upper torso made any distance as he was sliced in half by the northern barbarian. The rest of the bandits came pouring out. The Wardens shifted their positions many times as they engaged the bandits. They fell many, but they also took hits of their own. Agnes was even brought down before the healing arts of Bragi saved her.

Meanwhile, Akiros considered the situation, and finally came to a decision that had been brewing for over a year. He told Yasuhiro to follow him and he went to the cell. He ordered the guard to go help the others. When he was gone, Akiros unlocked and opened the door, revealing a chained Kressle. She was badly beaten, but that was as far as her abuse went thanks to Akiros' intervention. He unchained her and gave her back her equipment. She grinned bloodthirstily. Yasu knew that the grin was for the other bandits, but he still could not help feel nervous. They then heard a loud bellows, and all three quickly hid. The Stag Lord had awaken.

The Stag Lord quickly joined the other bandits attacked the Wardens of the Reach. By then, Auchs and many others had been slain, but there were still several standing and slowly bleeding the party. The Stag Lord was able to fire devastating blows to Crio. Akiros, Yasuhiro, and Kressle soon joined the fight, firing their own weapons, but all three missing the Stag Lord. Duridana returned fire and badly wounding the bandit leader. Finally, Tock was summoned right before the weakened Stag Lord and manage to knock him out. The others quickly laid the coup de grace upon him. The rest of the bandits, all blind except for Falgrim Steeg by Agnes' power, surrendered.

Akiros, Kressle, and Yasuhiro convinced the party that they were not their enemy, and provided information to them about the fort and the bandits. There was a griffon that the bandits had captured that was locked in a pen, and there was a mysterious old man in the cellar that guarded the treasure and healed the bandits' wounds. To the rest of the bandits, the declared them exiles of the reach with death upon returning, except for Steeg, whom they planned to return to Lorenzo. The rest of the bandits fled. The party descended into the cellar where they were attacked by a wolverine hanging from the ceiling, and a summoned leopard. The Wardens, along with Yasuhiro, quickly slew the wolverine, who shifted back into the form of a disgusting and ugly old man who bore the symbol of Sevrash, god of hunting and savagery.

Current date: Earthday, Firhan 26th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating 14 bandits inside the fort, each character earns 571 XP.
  • For defeating Dovan, each character earns 85 XP.
  • For defeating Auchs, each character earns 85 XP.
  • For defeating the Stag Lord, each character earns 342 XP.
  • For defeeating the mad druid, each character earns 171 XP.
  • Crio earns 1 Hero Point for Bragi's portait.
Characters XP
Agnes 1,254
Bragi 1,254
Crio 1,254
Duridana 1,254
Gerrard 1,254
Tick 1,254
Yasuhiro 1,254

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