Kingmaker: Session 7

Session #7 - November 2nd, 2010


After the defeating th worg, the Evergreen Party headed northwest. After waking up, Duridana was splashed by water that seemed to appear out of thin air, and Bragi's tongue and lips were turned blue after eating breakfast. Duridana made an appeal to the the supposed fey behind the pranks by offering several gold coins and some of the alcohol they captured. Along the way, Tick and Duridana spotted a particularly old and large oak. Duridana felt watched, and they both surmised that it was possible that a dryad lived in that tree. They urged Gerrard, their most eloquent speaker to address the tree. Gerrard felt foolish doing so, but did so anyways. A dryad did indeed emerge from the tree. Firëana was pleased to be address so politely and provided information to the party. She told them of the huge spider in a nearby clearing, and informed Duridana that the symbol on her back meant that very important eyes where watching her.

The Evergreen Party found the clearing that the dryad spoke of. There were many skeletons of animals and humanoids strewn about. They saw a large pile of stones at the centre of the clearing and suspected it to be the lair of spider. Crio walked up to keep it inside it lair, while the others fired arrows into it. Crio slew the dangerous vermin with swings from his claymore. After slaying the huge ogre hunting spider, they found some potions and a scroll among some other mundane items within. After spending another night, the party fell prey to more pranks. Bragi had pink bows tied into his beard and Crio having "Dumb Biggie" written on his forehead.

After getting lost a bit, the party eventually made it back to Onestrio's. There, they met with Felix, courier from Rochefort, who announced that House Châteaufoy was impressed by the party's work. They rewarded the party with gold and a new title: "Wardens of the Reach". The newly-minted Wardens met with the three new guards they requested. Sabina also requested from them if they could retrieve a batch of moon radishes for her, and Lorenzo asked them to keep a look out for a man that he wants to bring to justice, Falgrim Steeg. The Wardens informed Jhod about the abandoned temple of Deianeira and told them what happened there. Jhod started making plans to refurbish the temple one day.

Feeling that too much time has past, the Wardens decided to take down the Stag Lord as their next course of action. The trip was uneventful except for more fairy pranks. Crio sat on a sharp tack, and Agnes' tongue turned numb after eating her supper. They headed south and reached the Stag Lord's fort. Seeing that the guards where only paying attention to the main road leading up to it and not the surrounding hill side, the party decided to approach from the unguarded south. Unfortunately for them, there was a reason that the guards were not paying attention to the hillsides. Half way to the fort, the Wardens were ambushed by zombies bearing the symbol of Danika, Goddess of Murder. They battled through three waves of zombies before reaching the fort, while also being shot at with arrows from the bandits in the watch towers. Having found a secret entrance to the fort, the Wardens a hurrying to uncover it and get in to face the Stag Lord and his bandits.

Current date: Earthday, Firhan 26th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the huge ogre spider, each character earns 266 XP.
  • For completing Jhod's quest about his dreams of the Deianeiran temple, each character earns 66 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating 3 packs of 6 zombies each, each character earns 798 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 3 (each character earns 50 XP).
  • Crio earms 1 Hero Point this session for drawing Crio's portrait.
Character XP
Agnes 1180
Bragi 1180
Crio 1180
Duridana 1180
Gerrard 1180
Tick 1180

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