Kingmaker: Session 6

Session #6 - October 26th, 2010


Upon further exploration, Agnes found a hidden cache of items in a hole underneath a tree. When the party broke for dinner, squirrels started pelting Crio and Bragi before they were chased off. The Evergreen Party then moved on north eastwards. They found a trail that led them to a clearing. In this clearing were stone pillars surrounding a small pool of water. To the west was an enormous rock outcropping, with the side facing the pool carved into a head of a unicorn over a cave entrance. The site was old and work, covered in moss. When the party walked into the clearing, they heard a loud, bestial roar. A large grizzly bear, enraged and foaming at the mouth, came out of the cave, and attacked the party. However, despite the bear being more ferocious than it should be, it did not last long against 6 attackers. Upon dying, an almost-human sigh of relief could be heard from the bear as it collapsed. It then turned into a human man with a peaceful look on his face, then decayed to bone, and then to dust.

Bragi found drawing on the pillars, and managed to interpret them thanks to his religious studies. It told the story of this priest who lost faith in Deianeira, and foolishly sacrificed a bear. Deianeira cursed the priest into an immortal bear form to guard her temple until someone worthy arrives to slay him. The water in the pool, once dirty and filled with algae, became crystal clear, and could those who drank from it. At night, during Bragi's watch, the party was ambushed by a pair of yeth hounds while they rested inside the cave of the temple. Despite Crio and Gerrard getting some nasty bites, they managed to slay the hounds. In the morning, Crio found the head of the yeth hound he slew right next to his pillow, while Bragi fell for the classic hand-in-warm-water trick, and had to wash out his trousers.

In the morning, the party followed Thistledown River eastwards until it forked with Razorfin River heading northward. The party came across another clearing, filled with rare and delicious moon radishes. They also found 4 kobolds, lying on their back in the middle of the clearing, their bellies distended and moaning pleasingly. Upon noticing the party, the kobolds shrieked and scrambled up and brandished their spears. However, these kobolds were of the Sootscale tribe, and recognized the Evergreen Party. They welcomed them the radish patch, and informed them of giant spiders to the north before taking their radish supplies back to their village. The party also took some radishes in hopes of planting their own radish patch.

At night, once more on Bragi's watch, the party was ambushed by a pack of 4 worgs. Bragi, Tick, and Duridana were badly injured, but through excellent teamwork, the party managed to kill all the worgs.

Current date: Starday, Firhan 21st, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the enraged bear/cursed priest at the old Unicorn's Refuge, each character earns 266 XP.
  • For defeating the 2 yeth hounds, each character 266 XP.
  • For defeating the 4 worgs, each character 400 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 3 (each character earns 50 XP).
  • Crio earns 1 Hero Point this session for drawing portraits of Gerrard and Tock.
Character XP
Agnes 982
Bragi 982
Crio 982
Duridana 982
Gerrard 982
Tick 982

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