Kingmaker: Session 5

Session #5 - October 19th, 2010


The man that the Evergreen Party saved was Donato, a trapper. The men chasing him were bandits working for the Stag Lord. The party took the men prisoners and offered them the chance to redeem themselves. They escorted their prisoners and Donato back to Onestrio's. At the trade post, they returned the wedding ring to Onestrio's, who rewarded them for the efforts with 1,000 gold coin in credit at his outpost. They also met with two new arrivals, a half-elf priest of Deianeira names Jhod Kavken, and a wandering human barbarian from the north named Crio. After introducing themselves, they learned that Jhod came here looking for a temple due to dreams that he had. In exchange for their help, Jhod offered his spellcasting services for free if they succeed in finding it. Seeing as they need more muscle in the team, they invited Crio to join them on their adventures and he accepted. Johd also confirmed that the mineral sample they brought back was indeed real gold.

The party also sent out a request to Rochefort for more guards to watch over the prisoners. Lorenzo told them that so far, there had been no trouble with the ex-bandits. Mick seems to have earnestly changing his life around, and the others are following suit. The party also learned from their new captures that Kressle is doing what they asked, having learned that she had eliminated a bandit that was once part of her group. Duridana and Tick spoke with Jhod about they fey, while the others started using their credit to get new supplies, including a dozen or so mining tools. The next day, after speaking with the bandits and encouraging them to stay on the honest path of life, the party set out, first returning to the Sootscale kobolds.

When they arrived, they were welcomed as heroes. They offered the kobolds the mining tools as a gift, and established a treaty with them. The Sootscale tribe would reduce their aggressive activity in the region (a large part already done with the mite war over), and the party would pledge their protection and aid to the Sootscale tribe if they need it, as well as establish trade between the two parties. They also worked out a trade agreement for the gold north east of the kobolds. The kobolds would mine the gold, and keep 30% of the yield, an agreement that the kobold found more than generous.

After leaving the kobolds, the party made camp. Duridana fell victim to a prank picking fruit. A trapped orange squirted green slime in her face as she grabbed it. In the morning, Bragi also fell victim to a prank, as he put on his helmet, and mud fell out of it onto his head. The party proceeded south east along Hunter's Creek River to Nettle's Crossing. There they found the rope-bridge in disrepair and a house on the south bank burnt down. Upon ringing the service bell, an animated corpse walked out of the river. It called out for the party to bring him the corpse of the Stag Lord so that he may rest in peace, or else join him in the river instead. Spooked, the party left and headed north east.

Upon entering Sharptooth forest, they found a bloody trail leading to a still breathing body. They were then jumped by a barghest, but the party quickly slew it, thanks in a large part to Duridana's deadly arrows. They healed the man on the ground. His name was Abiano, a hunter, and explained that the barghest wanted to eat him. The party escorted Abiano back to Onestrio's. While making camp, as Agnes passed around water, she was splashed by water that appeared above her head. Meanwhile, Crio found himself covered in fleas. Upon arriving, they learned that one of the bandits got into a fight, but was appropriately punished by Mick and Lorenzo. A courier from House Châteaufoy was there, and rewarded the Evergreen Party for reducing bandit activity. After another stirring speech by Bragi and Gerrard to the ex-bandits, the party set out to continue their exploration of Sharptooth forest.

Inside the forest, the party was ambushed by an assassin vine, that viciously beat Duridana, but the rest of party managed to cut it down. Crio prove his worth to the team as laid into the carnivorous plant, inflicting massive damage.

Current date: Windsday, Firhan 18th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For general roleplaying at Onestrio's Trade Post, each character earns 100 XP.
  • For returning the wedding to Onestrio, Agnes, Bragi, Duridana, Gerrard, and Tick earn 80 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For establishing a trade agreement with the Sootscale kobolds, each character earns 100 XP.
  • For defeating the barghest and saving Abiano, each character earns 200 XP.
  • For reducing bandit activity and fulfilling one of Châteaufoy's requests, Agnes, Bragi, Duridana, Gerrard, and Tick earn 80 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating the assassin vine, each character earns 135 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 3 (each character earns 50 XP)
Character XP
Agnes 745
Bragi 745
Crio 585
Duridana 745
Gerrard 745
Tick 745

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