Kingmaker Session 45

Session #45 - October 8th, 2011


Although the party dealt with zombie Cephal Lorentus, they must now deal with a spectre in the hallways ahead. As the members of the Emerald Guard regrouped, Victor opened a nearby door, revealing a large chamber containing a long dinner table, with humanoid corpses seated at it. Also within were four zombie cyclops. Victor closed the door again. Meanwhile, the spectre continue to moan about forgiving him, saying it was all his fault, but its nature forced him to continue attacking the living, in this case, Gordawg. As Valyra joins the fight, she recognizes the spectre as the form of Willas Gunderson.

The zombie cyclops opened the door as Victor stepped away, and lumbered towards the living being inside their tomb. Gordawg moved to engage them, enlarged and swinging his falchion with both hands. The rest of the party moved up to engage them as well. Willas' spectre appeared to go after Valyra in particular, but continued to moan for forgiveness. However, Gordawg intervened, and cut down the spectre into nothingness. However, one of the zombie cyclops knocked away the dwarf's weapon, and then grabbed him in its maw. Haldor managed to get the cleric out of the zombies jaw, but another one latched on to him. Victor moved in, and manifested an ectoplasmic sheen on the dwarf, making him extra slippery. Haldor then smashed the cyclops rotted head in, after previously destroying another one.

However, the danger for the Deianeiran cleric was not over, as he was still in-between two other undead cyclops. One of them grabbed him, and pinned him in the ground. Gordawg tried valiantly to break free, but the zombie held on to him strong. It then opened its maw, and chomped into the dwarf's head. It then proceeded to consume Gordawg's brain, killing the dwarf. The rest of the party moved quickly to down the rest of the cyclops before anymore fell to them. After the battle, the Emerald Guard had to act quickly, as they surmised that Gordawg would soon raise as a zombie himself. After some debate, they chose to separate Gordawg's head from his body, and put it into the bag of holding.

Continuing further, they find the corpse of a human, surround by several cyclops corpses. Valyra recognized it as the body of Willas Gunderson, who seemed to have slain several undead cyclops before succumbing to death. In the feast hall, they see that the corpses of humans and halflings, each with their skulls pried open and brains consumed. At the head of the table, they recognize they body of Theodore Duloup. Valyra went around the table, and proceeded to sprinkle holy water on all the corpses. They also placed Duloup's corpse into the bag of holding. They also took Willas' body, and placed it within as well.

The only other exit out of the feasthall were a set of stairs going up. Exploring further, the party found an octogonal chamber which vaults to a twenty-foot-high ceiling, composed of multiple slabs of opaque, white crystal fitted together to form a dome in the distinctive shape of an inverted eye, its gaze focused into the room below. The strange chamber radiated magic, and its walls were decorated with arcane runes and depictions of cyclops performing disgustingly vile deeds. Although very disturbing, they could find nothing else of interest. Moving on, they entered another, larger chamber, and the air smelled of sulphur. Of note, there was a pool of water in the middle of the room.

Valyra moved close to inspect it, noting that the water was the source of the sulphur in the air. Suddenly, the water shot up, and Valyra narrowly managed to dodge out of the way. A huge, malevolent water elemental emerged from the pool, and attacked the party. However, the remaining members of the Emerald Guard smashed the elemental in a puddle of driplets. After dealing with that guardian, the party opened a pair of double doors to another chamber. The pool of water from the previous room streamed into this new chamber, where it ends in another pool. Around this pool were a number of human and halfling corpses, left in some ritualistic kneeling position, all beheaded and with their entrails pulled out of them in an intricate pattern. On an altar nearby were the heads of these unfortunate victims, stacked up reverently before a shrine to Charon. There was also a throne made of bones beside it.

Further beyond was a library and laboratory. The party found on a table what appeared to be Vordakai's journal. It detailed Vordakai's awakening after twenty millenia of hibernation, and his frustration of having loss so much of his power. However, worst of all, he found himself awaken by a pixie name Lilliana, who held his phylactery. The pixie claimed to serve the Queen of Thousandbreaths, that she wished to form an alliance with the cyclops lich. All Vordakai had to do was house and protect an orb of power that Lilliana would install, as well as destroy any interlopers who appear. In exchange, his phylactery would be protected by the Queen's power, and she would aid him in regaining his lost power, and allow him to rebuild his empire elsewhere. Although Vordakai agreed, his thoughts in his journals revealed that he would eventually turn on the Thousandbreaths Queen once he gained enough power for her insolence. His notes also revealed that the Thousandbreaths was a realm of Annwn, the fey realm.

Further searching of the room revealed a large amount of treasure, in the form of Halakon minted coin, cyclopean art, magical items, and numerous intact pages of various spellbooks. They also found Xamanthe's weapon, and generously return it to her, even though she offered it to them as a reward for saving her. They also found large slabs of stone with cyclopean writing on it detailing the history of the Halakon Empire and its culture. After looting the treasure, the party opened the door to another chamber.

The new room was circular in shape, and its walls were carved to form many shelves. All of the stone shelves were filled with magically radiating jars. In the middle of the room was a pedestal with a golden orb floating over it. Victor took one of the jars, and heard a telepathic cry for help. The psi-goblin opened the jar, and smoke poured out onto the floor, and then formed the shape of an old human man. The man was confused where he was, but introduced himself to the party as Ervil Pendrod, the missing scholar from the Argent Rose lodge. Realizing that each of the jar most likely contained one of the Wolfshold villagers. Pondering on how to get all these jars out, they fortunately found a portable hole folded on one of the shelves.

Ervil Pendrod explained how a mental compulsion made each Wolfshold inhabitant head to a certain place. As the party started placing the jars into the hole, they found that one of them held Rennab. After all the jars were stored away, Valyra folded up the portable hole into a small hankerchief, and stuffed it into her cleavage. The party then examined the glowing, yellow orb. Victor tossed a stone at it, and it fell through harmlessly. The zur-gorkyn then reached out to grab it. Upon contact, he is shocked by a massive amount of electricity. As he falls unconscious, he receives a vision of an elf woman with golden hair, seemingly lying asleep, yet emitting a mental cry for help. After stabilizing Victor, Gerrard attempted to use dispel magic on it like the one before, but was unable to overcome its magical nature.

Turning their thoughts to leaving the tomb, they realized that their way in was flooded. The only other room they did not fully explore was the tar pit room. Returning there, Valyra, still affected by her use of the darkvision scroll, was able to see a hidden door on the far side of the room. Haldor decided to be brave the tar, and although his skin burned from the heat, he found that he could tolerate the pain, and be able to carry his companions across the tar to the other side. However, the tar was slowing him down too much. The party remembered the //ring of freedom of movement that Rennab had, so they released him from the jar that contained him. Although he was none too pleased that his companion did not release him right away, he gave up the ring to Haldor. The dwarf then went to retrieve Cephal Lorentus' corpse from the tar.

Meanwhile, Victor summoned his inner reserves, and turned himself incorporeal. He floated across the pit, and opened the hidden door. He saw a flight of stairs heading up on the other side. Back in the tar room, the party realized that even Haldor's great strength was insufficient to carry Xamanthe across. Fortunately, Gerrard still had a scroll of fly, and enchanted her with flight. The centaur thanked the duke, and flew across to the other side. Haldor began ferrying the rest of the party over to the door, with much of his burns healed with their wand of cure light wounds.

Once everyone reached the other side of the tar pit, they climb up the stairs. They end to a door. The party opened it, and they were welcomed by the smell of cool, fresh air of the night. They found themselves on a natural cleft of the stone tomb tower, sixty feet above the water of the lake. Now that they found a way out, the party decided to actually rest on this ledge and stairway. Xamanthe, still affected with the fly enchantment, told them that she each to make her way back to her tribe, and that she could make it back on her own. The party bid her farewell, and Gerrard gave her his bow and a quiver full of arrows to help protect her on her journey. She thanked them again for saving her life, and said that she would bring word of their victory over Vordakai.

Gerrard was determined to destroy that mystical energy orb before they leave. The party descended once more into the tomb, with Haldor ferrying them over the tar pit again. With dispel magic memorized numerous times, Gerrard managed to implode the energy orb on his first try. With that done, the party was free to leave this terrible place. Their first stop would be Rochefort, to see if they can have Theodore Duloup and his companion raised from the dead. Upon arriving, they head straight to 11 Hilltop Drive to see Lady-Mayor Adéline Châteaufoy.

They tell her of their experiences beginning their investigation of Wolfshold, all the way to clearing out Vordakai's Tomb. Lady Adéline led the party to the Stone's Hearth, the cathedral of Tierra, where they laid out the bodies of Gordawg, Théodore Duloup, Cephal Lorentus, Caspar Morgarion, and Willas Gunderson. After a day long ritual performed by the Harvest Mother, only Gordawg and Willas returned to life. Lady Adéline suspected that her ever-adventurous cousin saw death as the next great adventure. Haldor returned Duloup's heirloom sword to her. Gordawg, although feeling peace and contentment in the forests of Deianeira, felt that he had unfinished business in the mortal world. Willas, on the other hand, felt intense guilt over his actions, believing that his actions had triggered Vordakai's actions against Wolfshold. Valyra and the others were quick to assure him that what had happened was beyond what he could have expected, and that it was not his fault. He then pledged his allegiance to Veridia, eager to absolve himself of his guilt.

Lady Adéline thanked Gerrard and the Emerald Guard for everything that they have done. She offered to pay for the Earthmother's services, and also told them that without Duloup, the people of Wolfshold would likely be glad to join Veridia under Gerrard's rule. Adéline also assured them that Rochefort would recognize their claim over the Wolfshold territories. The party also asked the lady-mayor if she knew of anyone who could analyze Vordakai's cracked magical orb. She told them that her brother was the archmage of Rochefort, and would be able to do so, and that she would cover the cost of his services as well, much to delight of the party.

Pierrot Châteaufoy analyzed dweomer the artifact. He revealed that this was an Oculus of Gehenna, a terribly powerful, evil, and intelligent artifact, a tool of the terrible Horsemen of Apocalypse. Included in its many powers was one that could control the minds of numeous people over a large distance. According to Pierrot's research, the Oculus can be destroyed when smashed with a holy weapon wielded by a permanently blind humanoid, or by any bludgeoning weapon wielded by a permanently blinded good outsider.

Once they learned all they could, the party decided to spend a day to relax in the wonderful metropolis of Rochefort.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 24th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the spectre of Willas Gunderson, each character earns 640 XP.
  • For defeating the quartet of zombie cyclops, each character earns 3,840 XP.
  • For defeating the elder water elemental, each living character earns 3,200 XP.
  • For rescuing the people of Wolfshold, each character receives 960 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For establishing peace between Wolfshold and the Thunderhoof centaurs, each character earns 960 XP and 1 Hero Point.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 9,600 2
Gordawg 6,400 2
Haldor 9,600 2
Valyra 9,600 2
Victor 9,600 2

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