Kingmaker Session 44

Session #44 - October 6th, 2011


Despite Victor and Gordawg saying the name "Vordakai" over and over again at the piscodaemon, the asura ignored it, charging to attack the ones trying to take away his master's prisoner. The lobster-octopus entity from Gehenna chose to focus its attack on Gordawg. Xamanthe, weakened from days of captivity and immobility, hanged back, unable to do anything. Meanwhile, the rest of the party rushed in, with bullets and arrows shot in the air, followed by the heavy impact of an oversized earthbreaker. The piscodaemon put up a fierce fight, inflicting heavy blows onto the party, but working together, the Emerald Guard slew the outsider, and sent it back to Gehenna.

The party only had a moment to breath and regroup before hearing a ferocious roar echo throughout the halls of the tomb. I will bestow horros upon you the likes that you have never witnessed before! Vordakai roared as he approached. The party took these moments to heal, buff, drink potions, and reposition themselves to face the cyclops lich. Pray to your gods, for I shall send you to them!

As the party gathered and waited into position, Gerrard, wearing his blindfold of true darkness, sensed that Vordakai appeared behind him, invisible to all but him. Borrowing a page from paladins, Gerrard invoked smite evil, and fired his pistol at him, with his bullet enchanted with named bullet with Vordakai's name on it. Gerrard's aim was true, and the bullet drilled through Vordakai's chest, knocking him to the ground. Vordakai retaliated by making everyone unlucky, but it was too little, too late. Gerrard retaliated by unloading this revolver of all its named bullets, blowing away Vordakai's head in an explosion of bone fragments and rotten flesh. The lich's invisible corpses slumped lifelessly on the ground, then massively exploded, engulfing the entire room, and blowing everyone away. When the dust settled, everyone was severely injured, but none more than Valyra. The half-elf rogue was completely killed in the explosion.

Fortunately for Valyra, her remains were enough for Goardawg to use his scroll of raise dead on her. Ten minutes later, she came back to life, albeit weakened from the ordeal. What she saw on the other side, she would tell no one. Meanwhile, the party examined the rewards of their labour, namely Vordakai's magical gear. Of the many powerful magical items, the cracked red orb that served as Vordakai's eye was the most mysterious… and the most malevolent. Xamanthe expressed her astonishment that the party managed to destroy such an ancient evil. She even offered to give them her family heirloom, a magical flail that was taken from her, but Gerrard graciously refused, saying that no reward was necessary.

They continued exploring the rest of the Tomb, now that the most dangerous threat appeared to have been eliminated. They entered a natural cavern, filled with noxious air. The chamber was dominated by a large pool of boiling tar, which filled the room with the smell of sulphur and tar. They saw a door on the other side of the pool. As they started to make their way across to the other side, they were magically attacked from above. Floating at right below the ceiling of the cavern was the zombie corpse of Cephal Lorentus, once companion of Théodore Duloup. Not only did the Emerald Guard have to fight a spellcasting zombie, but they must also resist the toxic, which was already nauseating some of their members. Cephal, on the other hand, had no issue with the air thanks to his undead state.

As some members of the party safely made their way over the tar pit (by long jumping or magic), Cephal unleashed a fireball on them. While the party dealt with Cephal, Gordawg, who made it on the other side of the tar pit, opted to venture further into the tomb. After climbing some stairs, he came to a door and opened it to reveal a dark hallway. In the darkness, he heard a raspy voice saying "Fooorrrgiiiiive meee…"

Meanwhile, the others in the tar pit room brought down Cephal, whose lifeless corpse fell into the tar, and sank within. In the dark corridor, the source of the moaning came from a spectre, and its incorporeal hands reached into Gordawg and harmed part of his soul. The spectre appeared in the form of a young man, but with one whose figures seemed stretched with agony and despair.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 17th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the piscodaemon, each character earns 1,920 XP.
  • For defeating Vordakai, each character earns 5,120 XP.
  • For defeating zombie Cephal Lorentus, each character earns 960 XP.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 8,000 0
Gordawg 8,000 0
Haldor 8,000 0
Valyra 8,000 0
Victor 8,000 0

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