Kingmaker Session 43

Session #43 - September 30th, 2011


Gerrard, Valyra, Gordawg, and Victor continued to explore the crypt within Vordakai's Tower. Haldor, who was left behind in the Charon shrine room with Rennab, descended to join the others, curious to know what was happening and leaving Rennab alone in the chamber. Once Haldor joined the others, he was filled in on what had happened, and at Victor's prompting, started to hammer away at the central eye of the hidden room they had found. Meanwhile, Gerrard, Valyra and Gordawg decided to open the other door of the crypt, which opened to a dark, natural stone tunnel that stank with sulfur and tar.

Unwilling to explore further without getting some rest, they closed the door and returned to the room with eyes, where they saw Haldor break the central eye carving to pieces. Deciding to rest, the party went to go get Rennab. However, when they entered the shrine room, they saw that he was gone. Examination of the area revealed that there were no tracks of Rennab going out of the room, and that a pair for giant footprints appeared in the middle of the room without any other tracks coming in or out. Unable to find Rennab, the rest of the party went back to the other secret room next to the chamber of eyes. Gordawg, Gerrard, and Victor tried to get some sleep while Haldor and Valyra stood watch in the next room over.

The party had only just fallen asleep when minutes later, Victor was rudely awaken by the feeling of cold, negative energy coursing through his body. Still able to move, the psi-goblin opened his eyes to see a large, disgustingly decrepit, undead cyclops. Unlike the zombie cyclops the group had fought before, this one was clad in ornate robes, and had a cracked, red orb in place of is singular eye. Before anyone could react, the new undead cyclops reached out and touch Victor again, his hand pulsating with darkness. Negative energy coursed through Victor with excruciating pain, and the psi-goblin found himself paralyzed.

With Victor unable to speak, he could not alert Gerrard and Gordawg, who remained asleep. Fortunately, Valyra, with her keen elven ears, heard some commotion in their room. She was in the next room over, guarding the outer door, so she asked Haldor to check in the room where their companions were sleeping. The dwarf looked in, and shouted an alert as he saw this undead cyclops assaulting their sleeping companions. Gordawg and Gerrard woke up with a start, and the cleric of Deianeira felt a shiver of fear run through his body as he realized that they were facing a cyclops lich!

Gerrard activated his anklets, and transpositioned away, but still within the lich's reach. Using wings of cover, the young duke avoided getting hit by the undead cyclops. Meanwhile, Haldor move dinto the room to get into striking distance. Victor, although physically paralyzed, made himself incorporeal, but still unable to move. Valyra left the room she was guarding to take a detour and unlock the secret door to the room where the others were fighting in.

"You have disturb powers beyond your imagination." intoned their assailant. He stepped further into the room, but Haldor was ready, and struck him fiercely, blowing it back against the wall at the far end of the room!

The cyclops liched roared with pain and anger. "You will learn to fear the might that is Vordakai!" it roared as it cast a spell directed at Haldor. To others, it seemed that nothing happened to the dwarf, but to Haldor, he witnessed to most horrific and frightful thing he could imagined. The shock stopped his heart, and he collapse to the ground, seemingly dead. However, the dwarf fighter had just enough tenacity to fight the heart attack and survive. Rendering herself invisible with her wand, Valyra fired her bow at Vordakai, then made her way to Haldor's unconscious form. Gordawg enlarged and tried to hold him off with little effect.

"Once I am done with you, your pitiful nation will return to its rightful place as my slaves!" taunted Vordakai as he cast grease underneath Gerrard's feat, causing him to fall done. From his paralyzed, incorporeal position, Victor manifested a ring of fire around the lich, and an ectoplasmic sheen underneath his feet. Vordakai quickly countered that by casting resist energy on himself. Meanwhile, Valyra forced a healing potion down Haldor's throat, healing him enough for him to get back on his feet. Vordakai attempted to approach the party, but the ectoplasmic sheen caused him to slip and fall to the ground. Not allowing this brief moment of embarrassment to get the better of him, he dominated Gerrard, and ordered him to kill the Emerald Guard. Gerrard then pointed his revolver at Gordawg and unloaded five bullets into him!

Haldor, back on his feet, stepped up to Vordakai, and swung his earthbreaker into him, caving in the lich's chest. Roaring in frustration, Vordakai dimension door'ed out of the room. With the threat of the lich gone, the rest of the party focused on subduing their dominated duke. Valyra struck him with a sleep arrow, and Gerrard fell asleep. They disarmed him, and tied him up. Gordawg took Gerrard's circlet, and placed it upon himself, its magical enhancements making him wise enough to invoke the grace of his goddess. This allowed him to use the scrolls from Wolfshold temple of Deianeira to remove Victor's paralysis, heal himself of his mental damage, and invoke some healing prayers. However, he had no way to removing Vordakai's domination from Gerrard, which could last for days.

Haldor made a grim suggestion. Figuring out that the domination would end when the victim dies, and that they had the means to bring back the dead, the dwarf suggested that they kill Gerrard, and immediately bring him back to life. With everyone reluctantly agreeing, Haldor brought down his earthbreaker on the sleeping and bound Gerrard's head, cracking it open, and killing him. Gordawg immediately invoked Deianeira's breath of life.

Gerrard finding himself in place of perfect peace and order. It was Nirvana, and before him was his father and mother, welcoming him with a warm embrace. The reunion was disrupted by the arrival of ghostly unicorn, accompanied by a black cloaked figured wearing a silver skull mask. Despite the longing draw of staying with his family in harmony, Gerrard still felt the need to do his duty, with much business left undone in the mortal world. Bidding farewell to his parents, he followed the unicorn and dark figure, and returned to the world of the living.

Meanwhile, unwilling to witness the gruesome deed, Valyra went ahead to scout around. She went back the the shrine room upstairs, and went through the decorated doorway. The next room held nothing both a pair of double bronze doors and another passage. She also heard faint, female whimpering in the passage beyond. Following it, she found herself in another chamber. However, as soon as she entered it, a mounstrous being appearing in a burst of foul-smelling mist. It looked like a man with octopus and lobster features. It saw through Valyra's //greater invisibility, and telepathically asked "in whose name does she dare intrude upon the inner sanctum of the Horseman of Death." Thinking quickly, Valyra said "Vordakai", and the piscodaemon let her pass.

In the chamber beyond, she found what looked like a small prison. Lying on the floor, chained to the wall, was the source of the whimpering, a female centaur. She was paralyzed, able only to let her tears flow from her eyes and make whimpering sounds. When Valyra asked her if her name is "Xamanthe", the centaur tried to respond. She looked starved, so the half-elf forced fed her some watered rations. She then promised the centaur that she would return with help and get her out of here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party also came back to the shrine room. Valyra rejoined them, and explained that she found Aecora's daughter. She also warned them about the guardian ahead, and told them to respond with Vordakai's name. Victor and Gordawg, with still another scroll of remove paralysis, volunteered to go ahead and help Xamanthe. The zur-gorkyn mindlinked himself, Gordawg, and Haldor, and he and the Deianeiran cleric went to Xamanthe's location. Victor recognized the piscodaemon for what it was, an asura of Gehenna. They both responded correctly to the piscodaemon's challenge, and reached Xamanthe. Gordwag removed Xamanthe's paralysis. Once able to speak, Xamanthe gave them her sincerest thanks for their help through her sobbing. Victor and Gordawg brought her to her feet, urging her that they need to hurry before Vordakai returns. However, as they exit the prison, the piscodaemon raised its claws, and lunged at him!

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 17th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For surviving the fight against Vordakai and driving him away, each character earns 5,120 XP.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 5,120 0
Gordawg 5,120 0
Haldor 5,120 0
Valyra 5,120 0
Victor 5,120 0

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