Kingmaker Session 42

Session #42 - September 22nd, 2011


The chamber, with the only exit closed off, began to quickly fill with water as it poured out of the opening in the ceiling. The force of the water had knocked the adventurers of the Emerald Guard down to the ground. At the same time, a pair of zombie cyclops crashed through the back walls of some alcoves, and assaulted the party as they tried to recover themselves. While Gerrard, Gordawg, and Victor dealt with the zombies, Valyra noticed that water was seeping into cracks in the far wall. Hoping it to be a hidden door, she had Rennab and Haldor push the wall. Thanks to their strength, the wall shifted, and revealed another passage with stairs going up. During the fight, Gerrard was nearly killed as he fell unconscious and submerged into the water. Only the quick intervention of Gordawg rescued him from drowning. After defeating the zombies, the party quickly hurried up the stairs as the room filled up with water.

At the top of the stairs, the party found themselves in another chamber, one decorated with grotesque imagery. Also in the chamber were two shrine statues of what they identified as Charon, Horseman of Death. Only two other doorways provided a way out of this room, one of which was decorated to portray the River Styx. The party also detected that the room radiated magic. They also found two bowls, one at each shrine, with dried blood in it. Suspecting that there was a puzzle here, and that blood was the key, Valyra dripped some of her blood into one of the bowls, but nothing happened. Victor then took the bowl and drank Valyra's blood,much to everyone's discomfort. Those with magical sight saw that there was a reaction in the magical field of the room, but nothing else happened and the room returned to normal. Looking around further, Valyra opened one of the doors. Suddenly, the whole room exploded into stygian fire! The doors then slammed shut once more. After recovering a bit, Gerrard decided to cut himself and fill both bowls up to the brim with his blood. When nothing else happened, both he and Victor drank the blood in both bowls in its entirety. Only then did both doorways open without incident.

After Gerrard finished throwing up, the party went through the plain doorway. This path led them further downward, and they found themselves in ta crypt of some kind. There, they were ambushed by a pair of soul eater, one targeting Gerrard, and the other targeting Gordawg. While they did little damage, they inflicted much madness into Gordawg mind, rendering him unable to focus enough to invoke the grace of Deianeira. After dispatching both entities, the party explored the room, finding a hidden passage. It led to a room that appeared to be where bodies were readied for interment. In it, they also found another hidden door. This one led to a strange room. All the walls had eyes carved into it, all directed to a central point on the far wall where a single, giant eye was carved. The room radiated with strong conjuration and divination magic, but the Emerald Guard could not figure out its purpose. They then continued to explore other rooms.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 17th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the zombie cyclops and surviving the flood trap, each character receives 2,400 XP.
  • For figuring out the stygian fires trap in the Wekuf├╝ Shrine room, each character receives 1,066 XP.
  • For defeating the two soul eaters in the crypt chamber, each character receives 1,066 XP.
Character XP Hero Point
Gerrard 4,532 0
Gordawg 4,532 0
Haldor 2,2661 0
Rennab 2,2661 0
Valyra 4,532 0
Victor 4,532 0

1 Rennab and Haldor earn half of the total XP for player absence.

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