Kingmaker Session 41

Session #41 - September 15th, 2011


Upon reaching the southern end of the Valley of Death, the Emerald Guard met the first guardians of the evil known as "Vordakai": three zombie cyclops. Fast and furious, the zombie cyclops tore into the party, trying to eat their living brains. Nonetheless, the party managed to return the undead back to their graves, although Gordawg and Haldor were infected with zombie rot.

Shortly after making camp, the party's sleep was quickly interrupted. While sleeping, Gerrard was assaulted by an assailant composed of dark shadows, with two long and gnarly limbs protruding out of its cloud-like body. Although it was dealing very little damage to him, each successful hit was filling Gerrard's mind with horrific imagery, rendering him unable to focus and draining his mind. Fortunately, the rest of the party sprung into action and defeated the alien creature. Gordawg beseeched Deianeira to grant him the power to heal Gerrard's mind.

In the morning the party went up the large steps carved into the cliffside, going deeper south into the Thunderpeak mountains. After almost a day of twisting and turning amidst tall cliffsides and rocky trails, they arrived to a large pool of water connected to the Little Dragon River. In the middle of the pool was an island and a large, hundreds of feet tall limestone tower. The Emerald Guard found faint traces of footprints, some from a human, others from giant creatures, and some horse hoof marks.

Making it over to the island proved to be little trouble to the party. On its shore, they found more tracks, similar to those on the other shore, some going up to the limestone tower, others coming from it. Following the tracks, the party found an open entrance. Inside was a large hallway, filled with alcoves. They noticed that the architecture inside was magically enchanted to endure the passage of time. At the end of the hallway, before it turned right, the found a smashed vase with some gold in it. The hallway turned right into a pile of rubble that seemed to have been part of a wall that was smashed outward.

Continuing on, the party found themselves in a diamond shaped room with several alcoves, one in each corner. One alcove had its back wall smashed open to reveal a compartment where another zombie cyclops emerged. As the party moved to engage it, the back wall of another alcove was smashed open, revealing another zombie cyclops. Despite the surprise, the Emerald were quick to eliminate both zombies.

Seemingly a dead end room, Valyra found a hidden door behind a third alcove. They managed to open it, and it led to a magically enlarged cavern with a small lake in it. They found stairs underneath the surface of the water, and they led downwards into the pool. There was also another underwater tunnel that Gerrard's arcane eye discovered led to outside of the small island and into the lake. Able to hold his breath for many hours, Rennab volunteered to follow the stairs into the water. After only a short walk through an underwater tunnel, the half-orc emerged into a dry room filled with pottery with ancient cyclopean art. The only other exit were a pair of bronze doors.

The rest of the party followed. Finding nothing else of interest, the party went through the doors. They entered another hallway, lines with alcoves holding statues of cyclops warriors. Moving further ahead, they came to a square-shaped room with sixteen human-sized cyclops statues. There were no other exits. Searching around, they found that the ceiling had numerous hidden panels. Climbing on top of one of the statues, Rennab pushed one of them open. When he did, all of the panels opened up, and a torrent of water rushed out of all of them. From the hallway they entered, a portcullis slammed down, blocking any escape. The room began to quickly fill with water.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 17th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the zombie cyclops in the Valley of Death, each character receives 2133 XP.
  • For defeating the soul eater, each character receives 533 XP.
  • For defeating the zombie cyclops in the sepulcher of Vordakai's Tomb, each character receives 1,600 XP.
Character XP Hero Point
Gerrard 4,266 0
Gordawg 4,266 0
Haldor 4,266 0
Rennab 4,266 0
Valyra 4,266 0
Victor 2,1331 0

1 Victor earns half of the total XP for player absence.

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