Kingmaker Session 40

Session #40 - September 8th, 2011


The Emerald Guard made short work of the group of spriggans guarding the gates of Wolfshold's stockade. Seeing his tribe being cut down, Chief Agai was convinced by Victor, still posing as the spriggan shaman Hakek, that he should try to surrender. Since he considered "Hakek" as a close friend, he followed his suggestion, and surrendered to Gerrard. The two negotiated, and Agai would leave Wolfshold with "Hakek" and his one surviving spriggan tribesman, and return to their lair to the north in exchange for leaving all of the items they looted from Wolfshold as well as the bow they took from the Thunderhoof centaurs. After they left the village, Victor, as "Hakek", claimed that he needed to return to his village. Agai thanked his for his aid, and gave him a ring of friend shield that belonged to the Culcheck tribe as a sign of friendship between the two. Victor then departed, made a detour, and returned to Wolfshold, shedding his disguise.

The party explored the rest of Wolfshold, after deciding to hold onto the treasure gained from the spriggans until they can give it back to Wolfshold citizenry. Of note, they found Willas Gunderson's house, and his journal. In it, it detailed his discovery of an ancient jade bracelet, possibly of centaur origin.

After spending the night in the village, the party decided to make contact with the Thunderhoof centaurs. They traveled to the hills to the east, where they were met by a war party of eight Thunderhoof centaurs. Keeping calm, the Emerald Guard showed them that they had Skybolt, their sacred relic stolen by the Culcheck spriggans, and that they wished to return it to them in exchange for talking to them.

The war party escorted the Emerald Guard to the Thunderhoof tribal camp. There, in the hail, they met with the tribe's war priestess and leader, Aecora Silverfire, priestess of Mother Moon (an algamation of Minué and Firhanna). Although she was initially hostile towards the two-leggers, she was surprised andtouched when the Emerald Guard gave her Skybolt. Entering a large tent, and sharing food, the two groups began discussing about the disappearance of Wolfshold.

The centaurs claimed that they were not responsible, only that there had been a lull in the conflict with Wolfshold's colonists. They were impressed by how easily the party dealt with the spriggans, although they were a tad disappointed that they did not completely exterminate them. The discussion turned to the Thunderhoof's history, and Victor brought up the name "Vordakai" that they found in Ervil Pendrod's notes. Upon the mentioning of that name, Aecora fell silent, then explained that Vordakai was a great and ancient evil, and an enemy of the centaur tribes, that laid dormant beyond "Olah-Kakanket" — the Valley of Dead.

Together, with the centaur oral stories, and the historical notes, the two groups pieced together that the Rashalka centaurs allied with the Merasimi humans to overthrow the Halakon cyclops. The centaurs then made themselves the guardians of this evil, and eventually the Valley became a taboo place for them. She also told them that one of their scouts saw shambling figures emerging within the Valley. Before the party left, however, she hesitatingly made a request of them. The scout in question was her daughter, Xamanthe, who is both insatiably curious and extremely stubborn. Aecora fears that since she could not find any answers to their past within the tribe, that she might have broken tradition and ventured into Olah-Kakanket. She has since been mission for several days now, and Aecora asks the Emerald Guard to find her if they go into the Valley.

After spending the night away from the tribal camp (due to there still being bad blood between the centaurs and two-leggers), the Emerald Guard hurried to the Valley of the Dead. Once there, they saw a line of totemic markers made of bone meant to denote the Valley and warn any travelers away from it. The party went in, heading south, and saw thousands of gravestones greater than six feet tall. Although most were broken and worn down after thousands of years, the party could still see Cyclopean writing on them, denoting thousands of names.

At the end of the day, the party reached the southern end of the Valley, where a large and impassable cliffside stood before them. Only a large stairway carved into the cliffside, winding up, seemed to be the only way forward. However, the party was not alone as Valyra noticed large shambling figures hiding behind nearby boulders…

Current date: Sunday, Orkai 16th, 110 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the Culcheck spriggans and running them out of Wolfshold, each character receives 1,600 XP.
  • For making peaceful contact with the Thunderhoof centaurs and meeting with their leader, and learning about their history, each character receives 1,850 XP.
  • For returning Skybolt to the Thunderhoof centaurs, each character receives 800 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (each character receives 66 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 4,316 1
Gordawg 4,316 1
Haldor 4,316 1
Rennab 2,1581 0
Valyra 4,316 1
Victor 4,316 1

1 Rennab earns half of the total XP for player absence.

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