Kingmaker: Session 4

Session #4 - October 12th, 2010


After defeating the mites at the Old Sycamore, Agnes rode back to Onestrio's to gather Tick and Duridana. Meanwhile, Bragi and Gerrard rested with the kobold Mikmek. After the party was reunited, the Evergreen Party descended into the mites' lair. In one cave room, they slew three giant centipedes, pets of the mites. Tick also took several centipede eggs out of curiosity. With the mites all dead or fled, the party had no other problems exploring the lair. They found the wedding ring belonging to Sabina, along with some other treasure. They also found the status of Old Shaprtooth. Upon finding it, Mikmek inadvertently exclaimed "Death to Tartuk!" Under the party's questioning, Mikmek confessed that while his mission was to bring the sacred statue back to Tartuk, the shaman of the tribe, nobody actually liked him. In fact, they all feared him ever since he arrived into their village with the statue of Sharptooth, and became the true centre of power of the tribe. Tartuk was a nasty kobold, threatening to curse others if they don't do what he said, and already several kobolds had disappeared or been sacrificed to Sharptooth after crossing him. Mikmek suggested that they bring it back to his chief, Sootscale. The party agreed to help him to do so.

The Evergreen Party travelled south, with Mikmek leading the way to the hidden Sootscale village. The village was in an old abandoned silver mine. They met with Chief Sootscale, where Mikmek was declared a hero for returning the status and defeating the mites, and the party was welcomed for aiding him. After exchanging some information with the chief, the party handed over the statue to him. The chief then threw it to the ground, shattering it, and declaring that the curse has been broken. He called out to his fellow kobolds to unite and bring down Tarktuk, the usurper, and invited the party to join them. Getting caught up in the moment, the party agreed.

The party and a troop of kobold, led by the Chief and Mikmek, made their way to Tartuk's lair. The purple kobold was not surprised that it had come to this, and prepared to take them all on. Before he could do so, Agnes quickly put him into slumber. With Duridana, bow drawn, covering him, Gerrard stepped up and swung his sword twice across the kobolds neck, decapitating him. The kobolds cheered at the cruel shaman's death, and celebrated the party as heroes to their tribe, offering them to take whatever they wished from the loot gained from the mite war that Tartuk had started. After looting the kobold, they found his journal and discovered that Tartuk was actually a gnome! He died while trying to make a deal with ogres, and his fellow villagers mistook his deeds as heroic and reincarnated him, but accidentally into a kobold! After causing a war between his former gnomes and a village of kobolds that resulted in the destruction of both peoples, Tartuk went from kobold tribe to kobold tribe, using his magic to make others believe his was a powerful shaman and initiate wars that would result in the destruction of the kobolds. The Soostcale was just the latest in his schemes.

After taking what they needed, the party left the Sootscale tribe, promising to return to finalize a potential treaty with them. They travelled northeast and found a fissure in a rocky outcropping. Inside, they collected some stone that had yellowish flecks within it, but none could identify the value. On their way back, the party encountered a man being chased by six others. The man pleaded for help, while the chasers responded to the party's questioning with arrows. The Evergreen Party took down all of the chasers, rescuing the man from certain death.

Current date: Sunday, Firhan 15th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the 3 giant centipedes in the mites' lair, each character earns 133 XP.
  • For completing the quest to return the stolen Old Sharptooth statue to the Sootscale kobolds, each character earns 80 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating Tartuk, each character earns 240 XP.
  • For defeating the 6 bandits chasing that man, each character earns 240 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 3 (each character earns 60 XP).
Character XP
Agnes 753
Bragi 753
Duridana 753
Gerrard 753
Tick 753

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