Kingmaker Session 39

Session #39 - September 1st, 2011


In Wolfshold, the Emerald Guard continued exploring the empty builds of the village. In the inn, they came across a strange scene. Standing in the common room was an enlarged spriggan, unmoving and surrounded by an amber aura, reading a book, and having the back of his skull caved in.

Some investigation revealed that the spriggan was under the effect of a sepia snake sigil spell, and that with the damage to his head, he would die when the effect wore off. It seemed that the book he was reading, Secrets of the Rashalka Mounds, had contained the spell. There were other books on the table before him, Centaurs of the Viridan Marches, Merasimic Prehistory, The Untold Heritage of the Holy Radimus Imperial Crusader Armies. Among them was an incomplete ethnography about the Rashalka centaurs written by Ervil Pendrod, indicating that the Thunderhoof tribe is a direct descendant of those centaurs.

Upstairs, Victor and Valyra explored the inn's guest rooms. Only one was inhabited at the time. Inside, they found a trunk filled with scholarly books. The sigil on these books, including those in the common room, indicated that they belonged to Ervil Pendrod and the Valdargent Argent Society Lodge. Among the books, they found a centuries old geography book written by Carmyn e'Borthasa, chronicler of the Holy Radimus Imperial Third Crusdaer Army. In it, they saw that Pendrod had written in the margin "Vordakai — perhaps a Thunderhoof centaur god?" The two also found Pendrod masterwork viola. Valyra packed everything together to deliver to the Argent Rose Society when they would be done with Wolfshold.

In the common room, the party decided to heal the suspended spriggan, and that Victor would pretend to be a spriggan that saved him. Rennab pretened to be dead, killed by Victor, while the others hid themselves. Gordwag healed the spriggan, then gave his wand for Victor to hold. Gerrard dispelled the snake sigil, and hid upstairs.

When the spriggan came to, Victor pretened to be a spriggan shaman named Hakek from the Tuchak tribe. He came to Wolfshold after a runner from the Culcheck tribe came to his asking for help. He told the spriggan, named Cudor, that all the Culchek spriggans in Wolfshold had disappeared. Cudor, believing the lie, told Victor that his tribe came to Wolfshold after learning that all the humans disappeared. He then looted Rennab of his gear, and asked Victor to follow him back to the village's stockade, where his chieftain was staying. Victor relayed all this to the others except for Rennab via mindlink.

Cudor led Victor all the way into the stockade, where they encountered the other Culcheck spriggans. Victor successfully bluffed his way through all the questions. He was neraly found out when one guard saw through his disguise, but Vcitor recovered thanks to the use of metamorphosis, physically changing into an actual spriggan and enlarging himself. Victor made it all the way to Agai, the Culcheck chieftain. He convinced Agai that dark magicks may be behind the illusion of the Culcheck tribe disappearing, perhaps the same as what happened to the humans of Wolfshold.

When Agai's back was turned, Victor subtely established an empathic connection with Agai, making himself appear trustworthy in the spriggan's mind. Agai assembled all of the Culchek spriggans into the stockade's yard, and upon Victor's advice, sent four of them back to their old lair, another group of four to scout down south, and the remainder to remain in Wolfshold with the chief. Victor also told Cudor to join the group heading south.

Victor convinced Agai and the other remaining spriggans that they could relax a bit, and they started consuming the stockade's supply of ale. Meanwhile, the rest of the Emerald Guard had followed Cudor and Victor, and where hiding behind a nearby house. Knowing everything that has happened in the stockade thanks for Victor's mindlink, the party ambushed Curdor's group, killing them and Rennab retrieving his gear to Curdor's corpse.

Upon hearing gunshots, Agai and his spriggans became alert. Victor suggested that the spriggans guard the gate, while he and Agai get to somewhere safe. Agai agreed, and they both went up to the watchpost atop of the stockade's blockhouse. Agai managed to hit Rennab with his crossbow from a distance, but Victor secretely coated it with an ectoplasmic sheen, causing the spriggan chieftain to drop it and barely retrieve it.

At the gatehouse to the stockade, Rennab, now transformed into the large Crutor, bashed at the doors, and Gerrard drew his katana to cut them open. Within, four spriggan guards where enlarged, and attacked Gordawg as he charged in.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 10th, 110 Age of Reclamation.

  • For removing eight spriggans from the village, each character receives 1,150 XP.
  • For filling three city squares with buildings, each character receives 800 XP.
  • For filling an entire city grid with buildings, each charcter receives 2133 XP.
  • For reaching a kingdom size of 50, each character receives 800 XP.
  • Victor received 1 Hero Point for his daring infiltration of the Culcheck spriggans.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 4,883 0
Gordawg 4,883 0
Haldor 4,883 0
Rennab 4,883 0
Valyra 4,883 0
Victor 4,883 1

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