Kingmaker Session 38

Session #38 - August 25th, 2011


The situation with Crackjaw was quickly dealt with. Gerrard used a couple of sleep arrows to render the old turtle unconscious, and Haldor smashed its head in with his earth breaker. After collecting some of the turtle's meat for rations, Valyra cleaned out Crackjaw's shell and took it for herself.

The party continued to explored the remaining areas of the Evergreen Reach, but very little was discovered. The party returned to Staghelm, where they then concentrated on expanding their nation.

Of note, Theodore Duloup of Wolfshold visited Veridia several times, growing the relationship between the two colonies. Veridia had grown large enough to be considered a duchy, and Gerrard could claim the title of Duke. He offered the position of Spymaster to Valyra, after all she had done for him, with Akiros stepping down to become her second. The aelfkyn rogue was also corresponding with Willas Gunderson of Wolfshold, exchanging information and pleasantries. Bragi finally got his Cathedral to Saint Argath and stepped down as High Priest. Gordawg volunteered to take on the role. In the month of Kothai, communications with Woldshold ceased.

When Orkai 110 came around, Johan Lapierre, envoy from Rochefort, sought out Duke Gerrard to bring him a message from the Lady-Mayor of Châteaufoy:

Greetings from Rochefort and congratulations on your triumphs. I hope that we are entering a time in which the Viridian Marches no longer have a reputation of danger and death! Yet it would seem that for all your victornies, your fellow colonists to the east have met with trouble. The settlers of Wolfshold are not responding to messengers — and indeed, some envoys have gone missing as well. You may have noticed this on your own, but as the political climate here in Rochefort grows more turbulent, we find ourselves incresingly limited in the amount of aid we can send. Certainly, we cannot sent troops south to Wolfshold to investigate without our overly watchful lords to the north misinterpreting the act. And so it falls to you, I fear, to investigate the Wolfshold mystery. For if something dire has befallen the colony, you must realize that your own could be next!

Trusting in your discretion and expedience,
Adeline Châteaufoy, Lady-Mayor of Rochefort

In Willas' last letter to Valyra, he mentioned finding the ruins that he was searching for. He had acquired an ancient map, copied from an ancient Halakon tablet that indicated a cyclopean treasure hoard. He mentioned that the lair, found in Thunderpeak Mountains, still had magical wards active. He managed to snatch a jade bracelet before the alarms set off, forcing him to flee back to Wolfshold. He confided to Valyra in his letter that he might have been too hasty and made a mistake going in. Nonetheless, Duloup was intrigued by the discovery, and brought Ervil Pendrod, a scholar of the Argent Rose Society and an old friend of his, from Valdargent to Wolfshold. Pendrod was a specialist in ancient histories and antiquities.

Before Gerrard and his Emerald Guard left for Wolfshold, Edrist Venturi sought an audience with Gerrard. He told him about his brother Tomin, who left last month to visit friends in Wolfshold, but he had not heard back from him since. Hearing about Gerrard's expedition to Wolfshold, he asked his lord if he could spare some time looking for his brother. He asked for news about his brother's fate, or should the worse happen, bring back his brother's mother-of-pearl brooch, a gift from his mother to him. He was prepared to pay 3,000 gp as a reward, in addition to the gratitude of the Venturi family.

Jhod Kavken also informed Gerrard of several items of interest before leaving:

  • Wanted: Manticores A local and eccentric poet named Iosis Vemarelian wanted to write a complex epic using only pens crafter from manticore quills. Recover the quills from at least 2 manticores for him, and he promised a rare book of ancient halfling poetry worth 3,000 gp.
  • Mmmm… Eels! Beven Armaki, a local innkeeper had announced an eel bake, but was tired of regular old eels. The silver eels of Lake Silverstep in the Thunderhoof Hills were believed to make for particular fine dining, and he had requested a dozen eels. As a reward, not only does whoever brings back the eels would get to take part in the eel bake free of charge, but he also offered a family heirloom, a buckler said to be magical.
  • Wanter: Spidersilk Chanelle Lasouris had heard that that the giant trap door spiders leaving east in the Thunderhoof Hills spin the softest silk. She asked for a delivery of 50 square yards to good silk from the spider dens in exchange for a magical cloak that provides protection to its wearer.
  • Omelet King Local chef Geoffroy Gerbali, well known for his strange food obsession, asked for a single roc's eff for an enormous omelet. He can then organize an omelet-cooking competition, which is sure to bring in a lot of money to the kingdom from all the participants and visitors from elsewhere.
  • Forgotten History Tamerak Elenark, a half-elf traveling scholar, had come to the Viridian Marches seeking clues of ancient Merasimic culture. The Merasimi were humans who were slaves to the Halakon cyclops, and many of the barbarian tribes today are their descendants. Tamerak promised a magical circlet in exchange for any new information for him.
  • A Missing Professor Jemma Orisini was a representative of the Argent Rose Society lodge in Valdargent. She was looking for Maestro Ervil Pendrod who went to Wolfshold, but did not actually arrange a leave of absence. She wanted someone to find him and convince him to return back to his duties in Valdargent. In exchange, she would reward whoever convinces Pendrod with a full charged wand of cure critical wounds.

After making all their preparations, the party set out to Wolfshold via the Wolfshold Pass of the Thunderpeak Mountains. They reached the pass outpost, and found it to be empty. A closer inspection reveals that it has been undisturbed for months, and that its occupants were in the middle of their usual duties, but stopped and left midway. There was no sign of struggle or conflict.

The party made it to Wolfshold, and found it deserted. Like at the outpost, there was no trace of conflict. It seemed like its inhabitants just stopped what they were doing, and left. One clue they found was the word "Thunderhoof" inscribed on the door of the inn. They also fought a dire boar that was penned up, drove off a murder of crows that were feeding on horse corpses, and found centaur hides being dried out at the tannery. The party also found some building to have been ransacked more recently, and a dead spriggan at the bottom of the town well. They also killed a chuul that attempted o ambush them as they crossed the Razortail River in town.

Current date: Moonday, Orkai 10th, 110 Age of Reclamation.

  • The people of Staghelm have been convinced that Silverwing no longer poses a threat to them. Each character earns 266 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For clearing Arven's special fishing hole of Crackjaw, each character earns 466 and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating the dire boar in Wolfshold, each character earns 200 XP.
  • For defeating the chuul, each character earns 533 XP.
  • For defeating the murder of crows, each character earns 133 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 13 (each character earns 216 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 1,814 2
Gordawg 1,814 2
Haldor 1,814 2
Rennab 1,814 2
Valyra 1,814 2
Victor 1,814 2

Note: Each character had also earned 533 XP when Veridia reached 25 hexes, but that was already given out, and everyone hsould have already added it to their total.

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