Kingmaker Session 37

Session #37 - August 18th, 2011


Upon further examination of the energy orb in the troll lair, Rennab surmised that the orb could be dispelled. Gerrard did so immediately, causing everyone to dive for cover. Fortunately, all that did orb did was implode on itself, and vanish without a trace. With no other reason to remain, the party decided on going to the Mudbowl.

Along the way, they continued to question Eirrick's body. They learned that the woman he wanted to impress was named Nyrissa, and that she was his secret benefactor, but he did not know where she came from.

Arriving at the Mudbowl, the Warden and the Emerald Guard saw that it was occupied by six tendriculos. The party charged in to attack, but their horses became nauseated by the noxious fumes coming from the boiling mud pit. Valyra too was overcome by the fumes, and fell back.

Haldor charged in on his horse and slammed his earth breaker into one of the tendriculos, but his target scooped him up into its maw, and swallowed him. Rennab was also overcome by the fumes, but it also triggered his transformation into Crutor. Gerrard moved up and fired his revolver at one plant monster, but was then knocked unconscious by another one, and then swallowed.

Crutor managed to overcome his nausea, and entered a wrestling match with one of the tendriculos. Gordawg rode in, and invoked the power of Deianeira, commanding the tendriculos with Gerrard in its stomach to vomit him up. He followed up with commanding another tendriculos to attack another one. However, the dwarf priest was scooped up by the target of his thrall, and swallowed.

Meanwhile, Victor was incorporeal, and unaffected by the fumes or the attacks of the plant monsters. The psi-goblin used his psionic powers to blast the plants, and then entered one of them to time hopped Haldor slightly ahead to the future.

Gerrard was vomited onto the ground, still unconscious. When he came to, he found himself in the maw of another tendriculos, about to be swallowed again! Using his anklets, he transpositioned himself away, then started firing into all the plant monsters. Meanwhile, Crutor was swallowed up by the tendriculos he was grappling with. Overcoming the paralysis, he bit his way out.

Valyra finally recovered, and doubled back to the fight. Using her adamantine-tipped arrows, she fired her bow into the plant monsters. At the same time, the two tendriculos that Gordawg had commanded continued to attack the tendriculos that swallowed the dwarf. The tide of the battle had turned to the favour of the Emerald Guard, and one by one, the tendriculos fell to claw, bullet, and arrow. The battle ended with the destruction of all of the plant monsters.

The party then gathered a large number of black rattlecaps, and made their way to the Swamp Witch. Old Beldame welcomed them, grateful for the mushrooms, and made tea for everyone. She rewarded them with 1,800 gold coins she had accumulated.

After the tea, the party continued their exploration, heading to where Old Crackjaw laired. Gerrard remembered hearing about a fisherman named Arven who had a secret fishing hole, but claimed that he was driven off by Old Crackjaw, and offered a ring of feather falling he found in a pike as a rewarded for killing or at least driving off the mean old turtle.

The party found Crackjaw, and Victor used the ring of animal friendship they found on Eirrick to charm it. Crackjaw became docile and friendly to Victor. They also found a magical gem in the mud, and debated on what it was. Howver, after several minutes of debated, Crackjaw started growling and became enraged, lunging at Victor. Thinking quickly, Gerrard dispelled the turtle's rage. While that removed the magical effect placed on the turtle, it remained hostile, and lunged at Victor to kill him.

Current date: Earthday, Orkai 1st, 109 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the pack of tendriculos, each character earns 2,133 XP.
  • For bringing Old Beldame her black rattlecaps, each character earns 266 XP, and 1 Hero Point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 8 (each character earns 133 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 2,532 1
Gordawg 2,532 1
Haldor 2,532 1
Rennab 2,532 1
Valyra 2,532 1
Crutor 2,532 1

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