Kingmaker - Session 36

Session #36 - August 8th, 2011


On the way back from Rochefort, Victor re-emerged from the ether, except now his disguise was undone, revealing to Gerrard and the Emerald Guard that he was a zur-gorkyn. After some distruct, Gerrard allowed him to remain in their company and to continue disguising himself as a gnome. Valyra also passed along to Gerrard the location of Drelevo's recent catacomb find. She had gotten that information after sneaking into Drelevo's suite in Rochefort.

Upon arriving in Staghelm, they saw that there was much destruction in the city. Plowed fields were torn up, trees were felled, many buildings were crushes, and there were many injured, and dozens of deaths. Questioning witnesses revealed that a massive, silver-winged griffon came to Staghelm only half of an hour ago, and rampaged through the city. Warden Lorenzo was injured in attempting to drive away the griffon. A visible trail of detruction led southward.

Taking the Whisperwave, Gerrard and the Emerald Guard went down south along the river to where they knew the lair of a legendary griffon named Silverwing was located, a location provided by Jubilost Narthropple. They picked up the griffon's trail to the opening of its lair. Exploring around, the party found another entrance to the lair on the other side of the hill.

Climbing into it, the party faced a pair of tsuchigumos and their pet spiders. The party made short work of them. Finding a small tunnel heading downwards, Victor jumped in and tumbled into a larger and completely dark cave. There, he saw piled to the side the body of a griffon, two of its children dead and one barely alive, and a dozen of human bodies. Also in the cave was a huge, silver-winged griffon that shrieked at him.

Victor turned incorporeal as Silverwing tried to bite and tear through him. He established a mindlink between himself and the griffon. Once establsihed, the psi-goblin was nearly overcome with a powerful sense of rage, but resisted. Unfortunately, he was also mindlinked with Gerrard at the time, and the rage passed on to him, causing the baron to shoot Gordawg.

Valyra tried to use her sleep arrows to subdue Gerrard, but he resisted. Meanwhile, Haldor jumped jumped down the tunnel. Gordwawg tripped Gerrard, then followed Haldor, and Crutor followed soon after. Gerrard momentarily regained control of himself, and dispelled the rage effect. He then broke the mindlink with Victor, then jumped down in the tunnel with Valyra right behind.

Meanwhile, Haldor got close to the griffon, who then snatched him up in its beak. Victor attempted to establish an empathic connection with the griffon, but it resisted, so he broke the mindlink to avoid falling under the rage effect. He death urged the griffon to harm itself, causing it to scratch its face with its talon. Victor also energy stunned the magical beast. This provided Gerrard the opportunity to dispel the griffon's rage, correctly surmising that a magical enchantment was in place. Gordawg then demonstrated the party's good nature by invoking Deianeira's grace and healing everyone, including Silverwing.

When Silverwing came out of its stunned condition, Victor re-established the mindlink with it, and then establish an empathic connection for good measure, this time succeeding. He explained to the griffon that they did not want to cause him further harm, and only wanted to help him, understanding that he was under magical compulsion. The griffon was extremely grateful, and deeply touched that wingless two-legs could be so kind.

The party provided some dried meat from their rations to Silverwing so that he could feed his remaining chick. After taking care of its child, Silverwing explained that a man led the dead men in the cave, and slew his mate and two of his children. The griffon also told them that the man tried to charm him, which worked and allowed him to place this custom made barding on him, but soon after, an incredible rage overcame the griffon and Silverwing slew the man.

Going into the next cavern, the party examined the man's body. The found a number of magical items, but most importantly, they found a map with the griffon's lair clearly mark, but also clearly marked was Staghelm. After making peace with Silverwing, the party took the man's body with them back to the Whisperwave.

The next day, Gordawg prepared blood biography and speak with dead. They learned that the man's name was Eirikk, and that he was a bandit from Drakethorn Glade. He apparently worked for himself, and wanted to use Silverwing as a mount to impress a woman. Not satisfied with those answers, the party had Gordawg preserve the corpse with gentle repose.

Gerrard ordered Captain Crispino to head back to Staghelm and report that the griffon was under a magical compulsion to rampage their town, most likely arranged by an unknown agency. The baron and the Emerald Guard then headed off to the troll lair to further examine the energy orb.

This time, backed with some divine insight from Belthazar and Deianeira, the party learned that the puslating orb of energy was absorbing ambient natural energies, transmuting them somehow, and then releasing it into the environment. They also detected an extraplanar link. Both the link and the released energy was Sylvan in nature, connected to the fey somehow.

Gerrard relunctantly called out for Percilash and Tyg-Twitter-Twig, who stealthily arrived an hour later. After pranking Victor and Gordawg, Gerrard asked them if they knew anything about the energy orb. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about it. They did, however, share their stories about pranking the Wardens ofthe Reach, and Gerrard's time as part fey, much to Gerrard's misery.

Current date: Waterday, Jerakai 23rd, 109 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the tsuchigumo and their spiders, each character earns 533 XP.
  • For removing the curse from Silverwing and befriending him, each character earns 2133 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 1 (each character receives 16 XP).
  • Haldor receives a bonus of 2,000 gp (word of his goals has spread and dwarven investors are interested in funding him) for pulling double duty.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 2,682 1
Gordawg 2,682 1
Haldor 2,682 1
Rennab 1,3411 0
Valyra 2,682 1
Victor 2,682 1

1 Rennab earns half of the total XP for player absence.

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