Kingmaker - Session 34

Session #34 - July 28th, 2011


While still in the barbican of the troll lair, the Emerald Guard fought off troll reinforcements consisting of three disgusting trollhounds and two of their troll masters. After making sure the upper tower was clear, the group descended further into the ruins. Defaced carvings on the wall indicated that this was once a dwarf stronghold. A headless body of a halfling on a bloody stone table proved that trolls had been claiming lives of the people of Veridia.

The group pushed further, finding all the goods that the trolls had raided from passing caravans. In another cavern, they faced a two-headed troll by the name of Nagrundi. Although claiming to be smarter than the other trolls (due to believing two heads are better than one), the Emerald Guard killed Nagrundi. Crutor separated both heads from their shared body, tied their hair together, and claimed them as a trophy.

The group entered another cavern that served as a barracks for the trolls, and defeated two troll warriors that were there. Moving on, they came to what appeared to be the larder of the lair, occupied by a large rock troll named Kargadd. Although tougher than other trolls, the Emerald Guard killed him as well. Crutor claimed the rock troll's stony heart as a prize.

The party encountered their last path barred by thick wooden doors. Crutor smashed through them. They revealed another cavern with an eerie green glowing orb within. In front of it was a crude throne made of stone and wood, where a troll clad in pristine armor and wielding a wicked looking greatsword sat. This was Hargulka, chieftain of the trolls. Beside him was his witch advisor, the she-troll Shalka. Flanking them on both sides were a pair of troll guards. Hargulka ordered his trolls to kill the intruders, and threw a bead from his necklace at the Emerald guard int he doorway. It struck Crutor and exploded into a giant fireball, burning the whole group. Shalka followed up by casting a lightning bolt through he group. As the troll guards closed in and attacked Crutor, the group pulled back into the hallway. Some went on the north side while the others went south, hoping to catch the trolls in a pincer.

The troll guards moved into the hallway first. One of them fell to the blows of the Emerald Guard. Hargulka followed, with Shalka behind him. Hargulka struck Haldor with a mighty blow, and threw more fireball beads from his necklace at Gerrard. Gerrard pulled more and more back, trying to lead the fierce troll chieftain away from the others so that they could deal with the remaining guard and witch. The other troll guard did go down. Shalka fire another lightning bolt at Gerrard's mercenaries, and tried to hex them, but she too fell to their blows.

Hargulka turned back to the mercenaries, striking Haldor into unconsciousness, and putting on the hurt to Crutor and Gordawg. Gordawg took a blow in order to heal Haldor back into consciousness. The dwarf fighter then delivered a tremendous blow at Hargulka, smashing his earth breaker right into his face, rendering him blind and dazed. Gerrard dashed back into the cavern, and fired his revolver three times into Hargulka's back, felling him to the ground. Crutor, barely standing on his feet, moved in for the finishing blow.

Current date: Windsday, Illiao 19th, 109 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the trollhounds and their masters, each character earns 1,440 XP.
  • For defeating Nagrundi the two-headed troll, each character earns 960 XP.
  • For defeating the trolls in the barracks, each character earns 960 XP.
  • For defeating Kargadd the rock troll, each character earns 480 XP.
  • For defeating Hargulka and his retinue, each character earns 3,520 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • Rennab/Crutor earns 1 Hero Point for pulling double duty.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 7,360 1
Gordawg 7,360 1
Haldor 3,6801 1
Rennab 7,360 2
Victor 3,6801 1

1 Haldor and Victor earn half of the total XP for player absence.

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