Kingmaker - Session 33

Session #33 - July 21st, 2011


Gerrard and his Emerald Guard parted company with Narthropple and his expedition, and continued tracking the trolls. They headed westward, and decided to visit Old Beldame to see if she knew anything. The Swamp Witch welcomed them, informing them that she did notice the increase in troll activity. She even scared a few of them away. She also informed them that she believed that their lair was in the Tuskbark Forest, to the south. She asked Gerrard of the black rattlecaps she asked for last time he came by, and reminded him that they can be found in the Mud Bowl, east of her hut. She also mentioned that Agnes came by a while ago, wanting to spend some time with the old witch. Gerrard's former companion was currently away on some errands for Beldame.

After giving thanks to the witch, and promising to be back some day to share a drink with her, the party headed south. At night, they were ambushed by a troll patrol. Gordawg and Haldor were severely injured during the first wave of attacks, as did Rennab after he changed into Crutor and joined the front lines. However, the Emerald Guard prevailed, and swiftly defeated all five trolls. In the morning, they followed the tracks of their attackers deeper south in the forest. While traveling, a great forest drake flew overhead without noticing them. Rennab noticed that it has strong dragon blood in it. Gerrard recalled that the Venturi family put up a bounty on the King of the Forest, a dragon or drake that was attacking people in Veridia, especially their trade caravans.

The group finally discovered the lair from where all the trolls were coming from. They climbed up the cliffside to the door, but they were seen, and they heard a troll roaring an alarm. Hurrying into the first barbican, the Emerald Guard engaged in the first defenders of the lair, a quartet of troll guards. Despite rushing in, the party defeated all four, but heard more coming down and up two sets of stairs leading out of the room. Worse, the stress of the situation hit Victor, and his incorporeal state became erratic, and he disappeared from sight, with only his psicrystal remaining and dropping to the floor.

Current date: Windsday, Illiao 19th, 109 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating the patrol of trolls, each character earns 1,760 XP.
  • For defeating the barbican defenders, each character earns 1,920 XP.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 3,680 0
Gordawg 3,680 0
Haldor 3,680 0
Rennab 3,680 0
Victor 3,680 0

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