Kingmaker - Session 31

Session #31 - July 6th, 2011


The failed raid on the Noué cultists served as the straw that broke the camel's back for the Wardens. Frustrated with how things were going with this party, Emilio was the first to leave. Knil, tired that his proposals were always being turned down, broke his oath to Gerrard, and departed to continue on his personal quest. Duridana, exhibiting an increasing erratic behaviour, also soon left. Finally, Agnes felt that with half the group disbanding, she would do the same and pursue her own path. Bragi would remain with the Veridian Council, but decided to retire from active adventuring, and to concentrate his religious duties.

In the morning after the raid, Gerrard convened the remaining members of the Veridian Council. Warden Lorenzo informed the others that his Watch officers could not track down the cultist, but that they did identify the lone slain cultist as Daphne Anorelli, the wife of a wealthy merchant by the name of Vincenzo Anorelli. Regarding the now vacant positions of the Council, they agreed to promote Captain Vittoria to the rank of General and commander of the Armed Forces, and Gaetana the Steady Hand to Marshal of the Realm. For the position of the state diplomat, all agreed that Sabina Lucelli would make an excellent replacement. Jhod Kavken was selected, and accepted, to replace her as the People's Councilor.

Once the positions were settled, Gerrard asked Sabina to gather the people for a state announcement later in the afternoon. He also asked Lorenzo to bring Vincenzo Anorelli to the castle so that he may speak to him about his wife. Meanwhile, Gerrard and Bragi went to the lower levels of the keep where the body of Daphne was being kept. Using speak with dead, they questioned her, only to confirm that the cult leader was Malgorzata Niska, and that Daphne did not know where she would flee to.

Later, Gerrard and Bragi met with Vincenzo. They informed him of his wife's death and her involvement with the cult. The news shocked Vincenzo, and he was distraught over the death of his wife. When Gerrard explained that he was at fault for the killing, Vincenzo was outraged. However, Gerrard noticed that the merchant's outrage was forced. He pressed him into being more truthful, and the man reluctantly admitted that his had an affair with his step-daughter, Daphne's child from a previous marriage. When she found out, she blackmailed Vincenzo for her to not publicly shame him. Gerrard and Bragi looked at each other, and saw that each other understood that Daphne and her daughter Imelda were likely the mother-daughter duo that had been fleecing wealthy merchants as a team. Truthfully, Vincenzo admitted that he was relieved that she was now dead, but that he had not seen Imelda since last night when she and her mother went to their nightly bridge game. Despite this, Vincenzo was still upset, seeing his reputation was going to be tarnished, either that he was cuckolded by two women, or that his wife and daughter were part of a cult. He demanded compensation, and Gerrard grudgingly negotiated with him several favorable business deals for him between the merchant and Evergreen Industrials.

At the state address, Gerrard told the public about the cult, and the mistakes that were made while trying to stop them. He quickly promised that reforms would take place so that future actions of the state would ensure minimal amount of harm. Although the public was less than thrilled with the actions of their leader, the people were willing to give Gerrard the benefit of the doubt, swayed by his words and his good actions in the past.

Gerrard decided to spend the rest of the month in Staghelm and concentrate on several projects he had delayed. He also took the opportunity of down time to develop his relationship with Rosabella. The former chamber maid now resided in the castle with her siblings, all of them being educated by some of the finest tutors that Gerrard could afford. Now that he had realized the mistakes he had taken in his initial approach, Gerrard's relationship with Rosabella began progressing smoothly.

On the 22nd of Kothai, agents of the Veridian Secret Service prevented the assassination of Rosanna, the middle-aged gossiper that provided the Wardens of the time and location of the Nouéan cult's gathering. Although the attackers, well-armed men, escaped, Rosanna was unharmed. Gerrard ordered that more protection was put in place for the woman.

On the 1st of Illiao, Sabina gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He would be the first officially recorded birth of the new nation. She named him Verian, after the nation.

Also on this date, the western road going out of Staghelm was completed, and the village of Tatzlford happily joined the nation of Veridia as promised. Mayor Loy Rezbin pledged his allegiance and that of his village to the nation of Veridia.

On the 3rd of Illiao, the foreman Rogio returned with his expedition from Hushglow Tower with the hill giant Munguk in chains. He informed Gerrard that the demolition of the tower went well enough, although everyone was on edge throughout the whole time. Worse, Munguk became more and more belligerent. When he first met him, the hill giant was willing to work under him, but as time went on, he became more and more abrasive to orders. Finally, it accumulated to him smacking away another worker who accidentally brushed him. Three others were severely injured before the guards and the workers managed to subdue him. Fortunately, no one was killed, but the injuries were grave. Munguk himself showed no remorse for his actions, and was actively threatening to eat them. The intimidating effect that Crio imposed on Munguk had worn off, and now that the barbarian was no longer here, Munguk was no longer impressed by Gerrard and Bragi, and was unwilling to listen to them. Now, he wished to go back to finding drink, women, and squishing little people's heads.

Gerrard tried to convince him otherwise, but could not make the hill giant be reasonable. Consulting with Tick, he realized that a hill giant's nature would make his too violent and unpredictable for him to co-exist with human society. Tick suggested that if Gerrard still wanted the brute's strength, he could try to spend time reforming the giant. Gerrard agreed, but asked Jhod to take up this task, as a holy man of good nature would be a better candidate. Gerrard had the words, but not the heart to go through the process. Jhod agreed, happy for the chance to redeem such a violent creature.

Throughout the down time, reports came in from the Rangers and Secret Service of increased troll activity south of the Dragontail River. Troll patrols were pushing up north, attacking travellers and merchants. Fortunately, the Rangers and managed to push them back. Gerrard realized that he would need to enlist the aid of a new band of adventurers to deal with this new threat.

Current date: Sunday, Illiao 8th, 109 Age of Reclamation.

  • For resolving the fallout of the failed raid to an acceptable conclusion for all parties, Gerrard earns 800 XP, and 1 Hero Point.
  • For resolving the problem with Munguk in a peaceful manner and trying to redeem him, Gerrard earns 400 XP, and 1 Hero Point.
Character XP Hero Points
Gerrard 1,200 2

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