Kingmaker: Session 3

Session #3 - October 6th, 2010


Having returned to Onestrio's Trading Post, the party sets about making the ex-bandits useful, instructing them to prepare land around the trading post to grow foodstuff. Relbmag decided to spend some time at the trade post, to gamble with the ex-bandits and the occasional hunter and merchant. Onestrio informed Duridana that a package came for her from House Châteaufoy. It contained remains of journals, supposedly written by her father. Duridana took the tomes and decided to remain at the post to go through them. Tick opted to also remain at the trade post to collect and review his new information on the fey. The others found several postings on a bulletin board in the trade post:

  • A reward to reduce bandit activity in the Evergreen Reaches from the House Châteaufoy.
  • A reward from House Châteaufoy to get Sootscale activity under control.
  • Onestrio pay for a head of a tatzlwyrm brought to the post.
  • Retired hunter Vekkel will reward whoever slays the beastial boar Tuskgutter.

The next day, Agnes, Bragi, and Gerrard set out southward. On the plains, they saw a worg and several wolves surround an injured woman. Agnes intimidated the worg, and Gerrard took it down in one charging blow. The wolves fared poorly as they were caught in hidden bear traps, and were slain by the party and injured woman. The woman, after being freed from the bear trap, thanks the party. Her name is Gaetana, a hunter, and she suspects a miserable trapper named Breeg was responsible for these nasty traps. She warns the party that Breeg usually operates to the west, in the northern parts of Gnarlwood Forest. She also skinned the wolves and worg, giving the party the worg pelt, and prepared food for them before heading back to Onestrio's.

The party continued south, and came upon a huge, 100-foot tall, dying sycamore tree. Searching around, they discovered a hidden entrance into small tunnels. They went in, and in the first cave, they came upon a bizarre sight of two mites using a mini-catapult to fire caltrops at each other and catch them in their mouths. Bragi tried to communicate to them, but the mites shrieked and attacked. Gerrard stepped up, drew his katana, swung, and was blocked the low ceiling. The mite stared at him, and fired his catapult at him. The caltrop bounced harmlessly off Gerrard's forehead. The party took out the mites, and told one of them to flee. They continued down to another cave, where they found six mites torturing a kobold, the last living one of four that were tied to the wall of the cave. Gerrard moved in and sliced one in two, while Agnes put several of them to sleep. the rest of the mites fled across a chasm to the next tunnel.

They freed and healed the kobold, who introduced himself as Mikmek, a warrior of the Sootscale tribe who were at war with the mites and that he was here on a quest. Mikmek, extremely grateful, offered his help to the party, but also requested their aid in his own quest. the party agreed, and the kobold took the weapons of the down mites. The group went to the chasm, and saw a giant whiptail centipede resting in it. It came out at the presence of fresh meat, and fiercely attacked the party. The group set fire to the tree roots that filled the chasm and cave, setting the huge centipede on fire. The party fought hard, but the centipede was proving to be very dangerous. Finally, Mikmek inflicted the final blow with a well-aimed dart throw. With smoke filling the cave, the party fled back to the surface.

Panting and coughing, the party only had a moment of respite before a hidden entryway opened up, with what seemed to be the entire mite population of the lair pouring out. Among them was a giant tick with a uglier mite wearing a crude crown riding it. The mounted mite saw the party and ordered a charge! The party found themselves surrounded by mites and were slowly being nicked and cut to death. The mite king did not last long though, as Gerrard cut him off the tick early in the fight. It was a long, hard fight, especially against the giant tick, but Gerrard inflicted many wounds. Mikmek, barely conscious, laid the final blow on the tick before passing out. Upon the tick's death, the surviving mites fled. The party was left to recuperate.

Current date: Earthday, Firhan 12th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For rescuing the hunter Gaetana from the worg and wolves, Agnes, Bragi, and Gerrard each earn 600 XP.
  • For defeating the two mites with the caltrop-catapult, all three party members each earn 65 XP.
  • For defeating the 6 mites and rescuing Mikmek the kobold warrior from their torture, all three party members each earn 200 XP.
  • For defeating the giant whiptail centipede, all three party members each earn 200 XP.
  • For defeating the mite king, his giant tick, and the all the remaining mites, all three party members each earn 733 XP and 1 Hero point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 2 (each member of the party earns 66 XP)
Character XP
Agnes 1131
Bragi 1131
Gerrard 1131

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