Kingmaker: Session 2

Session #2 - September 7th, 2010


The party awakens from the camp in the morning to discover someone playing tricks on them! Agnes found her shoes to be filled with cold, wet mud, while the rest of the party snickered secretely at Gerrard, who was oblivious to the "Kick Me" sign painted on the back of his armour. The party suspected that this could be the work of the fey that they heard so much about in this land. Their reactions varied greatly to this possibility. Duridana became cold, while Tick was giddy at the opportunity. Gerrard tried to appeal to the fey if they were hidden among them if they knew about the bandits. "Hurry, before the rest return!" a musical and childish voice answered him.

Heeding that advice, Duridana scouted ahead to the bandit camp on the Thistledown River, seeing at least three bandits, but hearing others nearby. Also nearby was Relbmag, who was captured by the bandits and was being beaten by Kressle, the woman in charge. Fortunately for him, unexpected aid would soon be arriving.

Bragi proposed a plan to at least try to convince the bandits to lay down their arms. He, Gerrard, and Agnes would walk into the open with weapons sheathed and call out to the bandits to join their side. Duridana opted to hide in the shadows in case things did not work out, while Tick and Tock would hang back.

Unfortunately for Bragi, once they stepped out into the open, Gerrard could only get out two words before the bandit sentry raised the alarm and threw a thunderstone at them. Fortunately, all three managed to shake off the effects. Duridana took out the sentry with her bow.

The battle was on. Most of the bandits used their longbows, but had poor aim. Kressle left her prisoner to throw some daggers at the new visitors. Relbmag took the opportunity to roll into the bushes out of sight, out of mind.

One by one, the party took down the bandits, with bow and magic. Tick had Tcok hold off Kressle and inflict heavy damage upon her. Then, the others that the voice had warned about had arrived! Six more bandits appeared from the south, back from hunting, and peppered the party with their longbows. Gerrard took some deep hits and fell unconscious, but was brought back up with Bragi's magic. Kressle went down from too many hits, and the remaining bandits, seeing their leader and over two thirds of their total number sleeping or unconscious, fled. Relbmag took the opportunity to club one of them as they ran.

Relbmag introduced himself to the party, and he was accepted into the group for now. Meanwhile, Bragi stailized all the bandits, surprisingly known had died! Separating them from Kressle, the party roused them, and Gerrard gave them the impassioned speech he was going to give before the battle. The bandits, already dissatisfied with their life of banditry, accepted the offer to repent and serve the Expedition. Even Kressle, after being charmed by Agnes was swayed to their side, if only for her own selfish reasons. They tasked her with hunting down the remaining bandits, and to execute them if they did not surrender, a task she gladly looked forward to. The party gained a lot of information on the Stag Lord and his operation.

They found out that the Stag Lord wears a strange helm in the shape of a stag skull, and that his fort is located on the north shore of Drakemouth Lake. They also learned that he is almost always drunk, and a cruel man. Although he organized the bandits, they are starting to grow fearful of him. The party also learned that Sabina's wedding ring, stolen by the bandits, might have been stolen in turn by mites, little blue gremlin fey.

With now eight former bandits accompagnying them, the party collected the bandits' loot and headed northward back to Onestrio's. Along the way, they suffered more harmless pranks, while Gerrard finally found out about his armour. Tick, Gerrard, and Duridana gave some offerings to their suspected fey. Duridana had since lessened her anger, after finding out that there were a variety of fey, some harmless and even friendly, and other malicious and truly evil.

The party also discovered the hut belonging to an old hermit named Biaggio. Biaggio is a bit senile, but specializes in concocting potions and selling them. He even offered a discount to the party if they could bring back fangberries to sweeten his potions. The berries grew in teh EVergreen reach, but times have gotten too dangerous for him to get some on his own. The party promised to look out for them.

Whent he party arrived at Onestrio's, they were greeted suspiciously by new guards, led by Sergeant Lorenzo Dinovio. Lorenzo's suspicion of the party and their group was eased by Onestrio's assurances and by th Châteufoy writ. Onestrio was extremely grateful for the party to return the goods, although he was astounded that they had chosen to enlist the bandits into their own employ!

Current date: Waterdayday, Firhan 10th, 108 Age of Reclamation

  • For defeating Kressle and her bandits, each party member earns 467 XP and 1 Hero point.
  • For convincing Kressle and 8 of the bandits to join your side, each party member earns 333 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 1 (each member of the party earns 17 XP)
Character XP
Agnieszka 817
Bragi 817
Duridana 817
Gerrard 817
Relbmag 817
Tick 817

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