Kingmaker Session 16

Session #16 - December 30th, 2010


At the beginning of the month of Dawnrise, the Wardens continued to concentrate on their new kingdom. They claimed more land to the west of their Veridia, and ordered the development of more roads and farmland. This month, the kingdom was blessed with bountiful growth.

Before setting out for the Hushglow Swamp, the party went to their library to research on green dragons. They also had a boat commissioned, to finally overcome bodies of water and explore Whisperlight forest They also took note of several postings that were put up in their city, requesting the aid of able bodies to fulfill dangerous requests.

The Wardens headed southwest, intent on continuing their exploration of the Evegreen Reach, specifically the Hushglow Swamp where they suspect much evil lies. On their first day of traveling, they came across some very large wolf tracks, clearly worg in origin. Following the tracks, they saw a pack of worgs attempting to hide in the tall grass in hopes of ambushing the party. Agnes smoked them out by casting stinking clouds on them, and the party charged through them. The Wardens tore them apart. It was only after the battle and interrogating a captured worg that they learned that they had slain the fierce Howl-of-the-North-Wind, a powerful alpha worg that had been terrorizing the land. They also remembered that the Feuilledété family, a rich merchant family, had placed a bounty on this beast that had been raiding their caravans. In an act of mercy, they let the lone surviving worg go free, convincing it to no longer hunt in their lands.

The next day, the party, with the alpha worg corpse in tow, continue going south west. they come across several horse tracks, and Duridana judges that they were made by horses with riders on them only a few hours ago. They also seem to be making wide patterns, as if exploring the area. Following the tracks, they find a group of humans, calling out for someone named 'Stig'. Tick recalls the name, having come up in several meetings with the people. Stig was a young boy from the Tannerson family that had a reputation of going off and not respecting boundaries.

Approaching the humans, they confirmed that they are indeed the Tannersons, who are relieved to encounter their liege lords. The Tannersons were on their way to the new settlement to the west, when their son wandered off. Normally, they would have found him already or he would have returned, but it has been too long now and they are really worried this time. Duridana did a quick scout of the area and found tracks of a human boy. The Wardens told the Tannersons to make camp near the river to the north while they go and retrieve the boy. Following the tracks heading south west, they find that they become mixed with lagheair tracks. Lizardfolk.

The Wardens hurried to follow the tracks, heading southwest to the Hushglow Swamp. Deep within the swamp, the found a large hummock with a crude, walled village. Casting invisibility on Gerrard, the fey baron flew over the village to scout ahead. He found the boy Stig tied to a pole, hanging over a number of snapping crocodiles.Gerrard could also see that the lagheair watching over the boy were visibly uncomfortable with what was going on, listening to the childs frantic sobbings of fear. Gerrard overheard several lagheair arguing about the treatment of the boy. One side argued that this cruelty should stop, and that they should just eat the boy. The other side retorted that the spirit demanded that they continue their torture of the child.

After discussing their plan, the Wardens decided to use the diplomatic approach. They walked up to the village gates, and called out to the lagheair tribe. They introduced themselves to the chief Vesket of the Bluecrest tribe, declaring themselves as the rulers of the new nation of Veridia. They demanded that the Bluecrest return the child, one of their citizens, but that they were also open to negotiation. The Bluecrest chief told them that their ancestor spirit Stisshak demanded this of them. Thanks to Tick's vast knowledge, Gerrard pointed out to the Bluecrest chief that there is something wrong with what "Stisshak was asking of them, and convinced him to let them take the child in exchange for one of their horses.

However, just as Vesket started making the exchange, they heard a voice in the sky from an unseen source. The voice called itself Stisshak and ordered Vesket to keep the child. Crio raored at the unseen voice, intimidating it. The voice went silent for a moment, then ordered Vesket to kill the newcomers, and revealed itself as a will-o'wisp. Vesket, visibly afraid, complied, but other lagheair took up arms against those that followed the order, sick of the dishonourable conduct they were forced to follow.

"Stisshak" returned to being invisible, but Gerrard flew up, drawing his katana, and struck it tahnks to his blindfold of true darkness. On the ground, the other Wardens secured Stig and battled Vesket and his personal guard. The rest of the lagheair tribe was divided in two and battled each other. Gerrard managed to finally slay the will-o'wisp as it tried to flee, and Vesket surrendered.

They explained to the lagheair what their 'spirit' truly was. To regain their honour, Vesket swore the allegiance of the Bluecrest tribe to the new nation of Veridia. Vesket also told them of a very old tower to the west where more 'spirits' reside. He also told them of a dangerous hermit and a powerful witch to the east. The Wardens spent the night within the village, feasting with them over their new alliance.

In the morning, the Wardens, along with Stig, left the Bluecrest village and returned to where the Tannersons were camping. After a heartfelt reunion with their son, the Tannerson thanked the Wardens. They planned to return to Staghelm, where they will return the worg corpse to the Feuilledété for them. Gerrard told them to keep 100 gold pieces from the reward for themselves. The Tannersons were overwhelmed by the kindness of the Wardens, and promised to spread word of their good deeds wherever they travel.

Continuing their exploration of the Reach, the Wardens encountered a drunk hill giant. Suspecting it to be the one from the reports of their scouts, they approached him, who was singing loudly and quite badly. As they approached, Gerrard and Agnes join in the song, albeit singing it much better than him. The hill giant named Munguk told the Wardens that he wanted to join the trolls so that he can join in some good fights. To get on Munguk's good side, Crio offered to go one-on-one with the hill giant. The party buffed Crio with some spells, and after exchanging blows, Crio knocked Munguk out. After the hill giant recovered, he asked to join the Warden's 'gang'. Seeing the use of having a hill giant working for them, they accepted.

Current date: Earthday, Vandaran 13th, 109 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating Howl-of-the-North-Wind and his pack of worgs, each character receives 971 XP.
  • For defeating the false Spirit of Shisstak, each character receives 457 XP.
  • For making peace with the Bluecrest lagheair and gaining their allegiance, each character receives 685 XP and 1 Hero Point. Unrest is reduced by 2 and the kingdom gains 1 BP.
  • For returning the boy Stig to his parents, each character receives 228 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For peacefully dealing with Munguk the hill giant, each character receives 457 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (each character receives 57 XP.
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 2,855 2
Bragi 2,855 2
Crio 2,855 2
Duridana 2,855 2
Gerrard 2,855 2
Knil 2,855 2
Tick 2,855 0
Yasuhiro 0 0

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